The Research Process

One way to look at research instruction is that students learn lifelong skills to accomplish an immediate task. 

Are you a student required to do research?
This website and new Hyperdoc are for you.
Are you a classroom teacher requiring your students to do research?
This website is for you.
Are you a teacher librarian who needs to collaborate with school site teachers to teach research?
This website is for you.


Book: Practical Steps to Digital Research, ABC-CLIO/Libraries Unlimited

Research and Common Core State Standards in a Digital Environment

With the coming of
Common Core State Standards (CCSS video) in combination with AASL Model School Library Standards (CA MSLS table) in a digital world of emerging literacies, students are being asked to discover information for themselves through research with the world of information at their fingertips. In the new paradigm, research moves beyond report writing to inquiry-based, multi-dimensional learning. How can we integrate basic research skills into a digital world? Is there a difference between print research skills and digital skills? Can either set of these skills be intuitively acquired or must they be taught? Sometimes as "guides on the side" and sometimes as knowledgeable instructors, classroom teachers and teacher librarians can address these key issues while pointing the way to fascinating discoveries through research.

This Web site suggests the school library is the best place to begin the research process. Research comes from the root word "search." But searching the library and the Internet can be an overwhelming and confusing scavenger hunt, leading students into the alluring abyss of plagiarism. Use this Web site as a guide to simplify the complex task of fulfilling research requirements while guaranteeing genuine student work. If print resources are not readily available, as required for thorough research, consider a WebQuest using QuestGarden  

Focus of this Website

Basic library research skills are the starting point upon which to build effective digital research capabilities. The purpose of this Web site is to provide a seamless transition from print to digital research using a six-step process. Research becomes much more manageable---and successful---when it is broken down into parts. View this YouTube for an overview of this Web site and its six steps. 

Six simple steps for effective research:
Resources for post-research tasks: