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Play a classic Looney Tunes cartoon-based game where you help Marvin the Martian to grab as much land as he can in a quest to take over planet Earth from “Daffy” Duck Dodgers by enclosing the territory (using his flying hovercraft) so that Daffy Duck can no longer enter that zone. But watch out for Daffy and Young Space Cadet so that they do not collide with the smoke trail from your moving hovercraft!

Marvin the Martian: Land Grab is a fun, fast-paced and challenging “territory conquering” arcade action game & skill-based activity that requires very good timing, sharp reactions and nifty finger-work. Here, you must “cut off” large percentage areas of the square game grid using you flight path! The catch is that you cannot double-back on your path, your “territory to be eliminated” must have four corners, and you have to avoid the patrol vehicles of your opponents who are trying to stop you from doing your essential land grabbing job! Are you ready to conquer the land and skies above with great skill and elegance? Enjoy the challenge!

How to Play: In each of the progressively difficult levels, your objective is to eliminate a target percentage of the ‘planet’ (i.e. the grid / area of the game screen). This percentage is 80% in early levels, but increases in later levels. Like in Pacman games, you have to ‘gobble up’ areas of the level while avoiding the wrath of fast-moving opponents. At the beginning of each level, your character Marvin appears in his flying hovercraft in the top left corner of the play area. Control his movement using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Age of War 5 

You have to flying onto and along the grid, and make any valid, four-cornered shape (Each valid shape must have at least two sides along the outer edges of the game zone). Once you complete a shape, the area enclosed within it is eliminated from the grid, and you score percentage points toward your success target (Indicated in the top right of the play zone).

You cannot ‘double back’ on your own path – If you accidentally come into contact with your own grey dotted pathway, you lose a life. Likewise, if one of the enemy patrol vehicles collides with your path, you also lose a life (You can see how many lives you have remaining in the top left corner). When you have reached the target % of territory, you can proceed to the next level. Once all of your lives are used up, it’s back to the beginning! To Replay the game, Refresh your browser window to start over at the game introduction. Click Play, and then Skip Intro.

Tips: Moving quickly and stealthily around the play are Age of War 4  a is the key to your success! You can chip away at the territory by eliminating small areas at a time or you can try to conquer huge swathes of the grid with fewer fell swoops! Timing is extremely important – In later levels, you must wait patiently for your time to strike!