Each and every dog we rescue is entitled to thorough veterinary care, and quality food and medications. This requires money. Please...choose a rescued dog for sponsorship at $19.00 a month, just a bit more than 60 cents a day!  You probably won't miss it, and yet it will help care for a dog for an entire month, while he awaits a new home. 

This recurring donation can be easily arranged through PayPal. Just click on the PayPal button  below, and follow the directions. Your donation is fully tax deductible. Thank you.


Sign up for a $19.00 recurring domation of $19.00

When you sponsor a rescue dog, you are helping an animal that in most cases, was never  given the proper veterinary care.

Many come with parasites that drain them of  vital blood, or c
ause intestinal distress and severe dehydration.  They may need  an intravenous infusion of blood or other fluids, like this dog.  Sometimes they have old  or new injuries that require surgery. These dogs will usually require a stay at the vet's office, adding to not only their distress, but also to the cost of their care.

We depend on generous people like you, to sponsor or donate to the care of each dog.  Every one of them deserves to regain its health and to have a chance at a new life.