Tail Waggers

Tail Waggers are our stories of some of our previous Legacy Ranch residents who are now in happy adoptive homes, and are a joy to their new families.  We love these stories and what they represent - - success in our mission to provide happy endings for the rescued dogs who were previously homeless and neglected.  We love you!!  

Meet Leo (front) and Maya, an adorable sibling duo adopted by a dog-loving couple who have since added another rescue dog to their family.  These happy pups get daily walks and play time with their owners, and are loved unconditionally.

This little cutie is Bugs, and he is sitting on his Mom's lap leading the good life!  Mom claims that he is the boss around the house, and with that face, we can believe it! Who could refuse him?

Here is Toby, sitting on his Dad's lap in their favorite chair.  According to Toby's Mom, these two friends are inseparable, and when Dad is gone, Toby claims the recliner as his own, and waits for his best bud to come home.

Well this picture tells it all!  This is Rex, and he's truly a spoiled boy! Rex lives on a farm, and at times works with his Dad.  It's understandable that he needs a little nap, right?!
This happy pair are Mallory (left) and her adopted pal Rosie.  They have been best buddies for 5 years now, and Rosie has watched her best friend grow up into a lovely college student. She is thrilled when Mallory comes home for family visits, but is also quite happy and spoiled by the rest of the family while Mallory attends classes.

Rasta is the dog on the left of this photo, and she is enjoying skiing in the Alps with her German family.  Rasta was adopted here at the ranch, and then soon thereafter moved to Europe with her new owners.  She has become quite the world traveler, and has even enjoyed the waters of the Italian Riviera.  Move over for a little company Rasta!

Easily one of our most beautiful dogs ever is Bella, an Anatolian Shepherd Dog.  Bella's owner loves her as much as we do, and tells us that she is a constant caretaker to his 11 month old grandson, Mathias, and enjoys her daily walks with her family. 

Here's a guy that is so darned lovable, and his name is Gizmo.  Gizmo gets the run of 35 acres, and can chase squirrels and rabbits to his heart's content.  And hey!  If he gets tired, he can take a little ride on the golf cart!