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The Disciple's Cross

The Disciple's Cross was originally created as a Summer Camp project by a Louisiana Pastor.  He was wearing the cross when he appeared as a contestant on the television show Survivor.  Viewers loved the cross, and wondered where they could get one.  The pastor created a sales program, and taught other people to make it.  I was one of the original "certified" producers of The Disciple's Cross, and have been making them since 2004.

After starting the Legacy Ranch Dog Rescue, I started selling the crosses at local craft fairs and trade days to help raise money for the dogs. Now, we sell crosses at Downtown Treasures , in Livingston, Texas, and in this online store. This is both a colorful and meaningful cross necklace, made of three distinct components, each a reminder of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.  These components are:

NAILS:  Representing those cruelly used to hang Jesus on His cross.

TWISTED WIRE:  Symbolizing the thorn branches woven into a painful crown thrust on Jesus' head.

CORD:  Reminding all of us of the relentless scourging of Jesus.

This very special cross is made by hand, and is offered in many colors.  Choose the colors of your favorite sports team, your school, or just any colors you love.  They are all bright and beautiful.  You may choose up to three different colors, and put them in any position you like on the cross.  You may choose a single color cross below, but if you choose a custom cross, please email me at with your color choices, and the position in which you want them.  Here is an example:  

Thank You!