Special Events
Summer Food Drive!!!!!                                                 
Well, the hot Texas summer has arrived, and though we humans sometimes lose our appetites for food during the heat, we have not found that to be true of our resident dogs.  We still need your help to feed 31 dogs residing at the ranch.

We feed a combination of Victor dog food, manufactured right here in Texas, and other high quality food received from the Houston Rescue Bank, a wonderful organization dedicated to helping small rescues like Legacy Ranch.

You can help by donating food through Franklin's Feed Store, located in Coldspring Texas.  Just give them a quick call and donate by phone to Legacy Ranch.  Also, at absolutely no cost to you but a moment of your time, you can go to the 
Animal Rescue Site, and click to give food and care.  These folks help us by donating food to the Rescue Bank, which then distributes it to us and other rescues in the area.  While you're there, sign up for daily reminders.  You'll feel good every day that you are helping animals in need.

                 Call Franklin's at  936-653-5668  today!!!  Thank you.