Who We Are & What We Do

Adopt Rescue Dogs/Legacy Ranch is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization.  We were originally founded with the mission to rescue abandoned, neglected and abused dogs in and around San Jacinto County, in east Texas.

Later, we found that our major mission was more one of sanctuary facility to the many dogs who never found permanent homes through adoption. We continued to rescue also, but later became unable to care for any additional dogs safely and humanely, not only because of lack of space, but also because we were becoming older, and unable to continue the work of rescue, vetting, training, adopting, and following up on so many dogs.

We currently are home to 19 dogs of many breeds, sizes, health conditions, and ages.

Now, our emphasis is placed on the continued care of our remaining dogs, including feeding quality food, maintaining health through monthly medications for heartworm, fleas, ticks and parasites, and annual vet visits for well-checks.  If a dog becomes ill, we do all that is possible to prolong its life and keep it comfortable.  An animal is euthanized under only the most desperate of conditions.

With our current focus, we are now able to pursue other goals that are inherent to the welfare of the companion animals in our area.  First, we try to always maintain a surplus of food and money for emergency vet care for people in need to care for their pets, and we have helped numerous families to feed their animals, and to get immediate care for an injured or ailing pet.

Second, we never put off a person who calls us for help regarding a stray or abandoned dog that has wandered onto their property, or is loose on the streets.  We keep a scanner for checking the animal for an identifying microchip, and we have a large trap, for use in humanely trapping an animal that is too fearful for us to approach.  We maintain a network of other rescues and shelters, in addition to individuals, who are able to help to find homes for strays.  If we can't help, we try our best to find someone who can.

Third, and we consider most important, is fundraising for a mobile spay and neuter vehicle to hold clinics in the county, for surgeries and other veterinary needs for low-income residents.  This service is imperative if we ever hope to eliminate the huge numbers of strays on our streets.  Spay and neuter procedures will prevent many of the unwanted litters that get dumped in areas county wide.  We implore you to please donate to this cause.  There is nothing that compares to this need regarding the welfare of all companion animals!  Use the Donate link below.

There is also this link to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.  It will keep you abreast of Ranch news, the advancement of the spay and neuter mission, and it also offers interesting facts, tidbits, and current information regarding your dog.  We hope you enjoy it!

Lastly, we have opened a web store to sell our well-known Disciple's Cross.  We are currently promoting any and all sports team themed colors, but please order any of our numerous colors that please you.  We can make single, double, or triple color crosses.  Please click on the crosses to see your many choices, and to read the symbolism of the Disciple's Cross. 
Thank you.  

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