Who We Are
Legacy Ranch is located in the Piney Woods
of East Texas.  We began six years ago as a private rescue, and soon thereafter applied for 501 (c)(3) status as a federal non-profit.

We remained a small operation, though at one point homed over 50 dogs. We have saved many lives over the years, and we are proud of our accomplishments.

Recently, we changed our focus from rescue to sanctuary.  We feed, medicate, and vet 18 dogs at this point in time,and no longer actively rescue any animals.

In addition to providing sanctuary for our unadopted dogs, it is our mission to help the residents of our area to keep their pets when their families face the animals' loss due to financial or other personal problems. We have helped a number of our neighbors, and in doing so, have kept numerous pets from entering shelter care.  This is our goal.

Additionally, we get emails and calls almost every day with pleas for help to find homes for stray dogs found in local neighborhoods and on county roads.  We do our best to network with our many contacts made over the years, to help these abandoned animals.  Frequently we are successful, and another dog finds its forever home.  We have then fulfilled another part of our mission.

If you care to support our effort to save as many dogs as possible from the local kill shelters, please donate through the HELP button below. 100% of your donation will go to the care of the sanctuary dogs, or to the aide of people in need of help to keep their pets.  Thank you.

There is also a link to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.  It will keep you abreast of Ranch news, and also offers interesting facts, tidbits, and current information regarding your dog.  We hope you enjoy it!