Attention.....Calling All Fairy Godparents.....

Be a fairy godparent to a deserving family and dog(s) in need.  Help us to help them and donate today.  We especially need donations to our feed store and our vet, as we are helping families in financial difficulty to keep their pets.  We give them quality food and get their animals spayed or neutered to help prevent more unwanted litters.  Donate in our name, Legacy Ranch, to Franklin's General Store, 936-653-5668, for food, or Coldspring Veterinary Clinic, 936-653-2759.  All donations will go to improve the lives of pets whose families are in need.

Here are additional ways to donate to the Fairy Godparent Program:

1.  Make a one-time cash donation through PayPal to the Fairy Godparent Program.

2.  Become a sponsor of the Fairy Godparent Program with a regular monthly donation, through PayPal to the program.

3.  Purchase gift cards to Tractor Supply, available online, so we can purchase food for the program.  Our address is:  

Legacy Ranch

PO Box 898

Pointblank Tx 77364                                  

One Time Donation

Adopt Rescue Dogs/Legacy Ranch .....Who We Are

We are a federal 501 (c) (3) non-profit, whose mission is the re-homing of rescued dogs through adoption, and also the retention of pets in their current homes whenever possible and safe to do so.

Most of our dogs are older, and medium to large in size.  Occasionally we get a puppy or two, so please check back often if you want a young dog.

Several of the older dogs are pit bulls or pit bull mixes.  Others are heartworm positive or elderly.  It is very important to us to find loving homes for these dogs, where they will receive appropriate care, and can live out their lives in peace.

Please consider adopting one of our beautiful dogs.  They will reward you with unconditional love and loyalty.

Recurring Monthly Donation