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Adopt Rescue Dogs/Legacy Ranch is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization.  We were originally founded with the mission to rescue abandoned, neglected and abused dogs in and around San Jacinto County, in east Texas, and to facilitate adoptions for these dogs to get loving permanent homes.  We even conducted large transports to Northern states, where dogs are more easily adopted than in our own state of Texas.  These transports are very expensive, and our funding is just not sufficient to run them on a regular basis.

Soon, we found that our major mission became mostly one of offering sanctuary to the many dogs who never found permanent homes through adoption.  The reasons for this are many, but include illness, such as heartworm disease, and age.  Many adopters do not want elderly or sick dogs, and with our policy of no-kill, our number of dogs kept growing. We continue to rescue also, and use adoption sites and events to try to find homes for these dogs.  Our dog population holds fairly steady at anywhere between 25 and 30.

Every dog in our care has space to run freely, eats high quality food, gets heartworm and flea medications monthly, and regular veterinary care, including immunizations and well dog checks.  We depend on donations, ebay sales under the name dollars-for-dogs, and the sale of the Disciple's Cross, to earn income for the feeding and vetting of our dogs. 

In addition, money from our rescue account is spent on vet care and food for the pets of needy families.  We get calls regularly from area residents who need help with their pets, either care for an injury or sickness, or just food to keep their pets full, happy, and healthy.  We have never failed to help our neighbors who ask for aid, and can continue this work with the help of our donors.

We need the generous donations of our friends and supporters to continue our mission, and to help save more dogs from being killed at local shelters.  All the dogs deserve your help.  Many of them have been in shelter care most, if not all, of their lives.  Some are elderly, and were unwanted by their previous owners.  Others are heartworm positive, or suffer from Lyme disease.  Of course, most of these loving dogs were callously dropped on roadsides and left to fend for themselves, by owners who simply discarded them like trash.  If you agree that these rescued animals deserve to have continued love and care, please donate now so that we are able to fulfill their needs.  Click on the help link below. 

Another thing we consider imperative to eventually help solve our animal overpopulation problem, is the funding and operation of a low cost spay and neuter clinic for low-income residents of our county.  We live in an under-served area two hours north of Houston, and though low-cost vet procedures are plentiful there, our low income families are unable to gain access to them.  Affordable spay and neuter surgeries are crucial if we ever hope to eliminate the huge numbers of strays on our streets.  These surgeries will prevent many of the unwanted litters that get dumped in areas county wide. Visit the STOP page on this site to read about our spay and neuter program for cats and dogs.  We implore you to please donate to this cause. Use the donate link below to help those in need, and to prevent the deaths of countless kittens and puppies.

Lost or Found Dog?

If you have lost your beloved pet, or have found a stray, please contact Lost Pet USA, a partner organization of Bissell Corporation's shelter pets program. You will find tools to help you locate your pet, or to find the owner of a pet you have found.  Reuniting lost pets with their owners will save countless lives of animals now being taken to shelters.  Thank you!

To help fund the care of all the dogs, we have opened a web store to sell our well-known Disciple's Cross.  We can make single, double, or triple color crosses, and many beautiful colors are available.  Please click on the crosses to see your many choices, and to read the symbolism of the Disciple's Cross.
Thank you.  

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