18/01/1918 GAMBRI GY 992 Sunk by mine off Royal Sovereign Light Vessel whilst in Admiralty service

01/02/1918 CLEON GY 240 Sunk by mine near Folkstone Gate Bouy whilst in Admiralty service

02/02/1918 REMINDO GY 1089 Lost off Portland whilst in Admiralty service

13/02/1918 SARDIUS GY 1140 Stranded Pendower Cove whilst in Admiralty service

13/03/1918 ADRIAN GY 1185 Sunk after collision off Harwich whilst in Admiralty Service

09/04/1918 LORD HARDINGE GY 1013 Sunk after collision off Daunt Light Vessel whilst in Admiralty  Service

24/05/1918 GABIR GY 497 Mined off Lowestoft whilst in Admiralty Service 

26/06/1918 ACHILLES GY 182 Mined off Shipwash Light Vessel whilst in Admiralty Service

28/06/1918 POCHARD GY 1069 Mined in the North Sea

07/07/1918 ABY MFV Sunk by U Boat 25 miles E 3/4 N of Spurn Point

07/07/1918 ALBION MFV Sunk by U Boat 25 miles  E 3/4 N of Spurn Point

22/09/1918 EUTHAMIA GY 285 Mined 65 miles E by N 1/2 N of Humber Light Vessel

07/10/1918 KALMIA GY 572 Destroyed by Fire at Stavros whilst in Admiralty service

02/11/1918 RIPARVO GY 870 Sunk after collision in Med whilst in Admiralty service

10/11/1918 RENARRO GY 868 Sunk by Mine in Dandanelles whilst in Admiralty service

13/12/1918 SCOTIA GY 1074 Sunk after collision with Falcon 20 miles E by N of Spurn Light Vessel

23/12/1918 MANDA GY 1097 Missing since 23/12/1918