Are you a Quality Assurance Engineer? A Test Engineer? A Project Manager or Team Leader?

You don't want to waste time and money with a complex tool?

Democratizes requirement engineering
Reqchecker checks the coverages of the requirements between your documents. It can be used to check the completeness of software documents, of process documents, of training courses etc.

Keep your existing documents ! REQchecker analyses your documents under several formats : WORD, EXCEL, PDF and more. 


Track errors with the detailed EXCEL reports.

Reassure your customer: send the certified PDF report of your project. 
Check propagation of all requirement changes by using the version management : change the input documents and REQchecker shows where your documents shall be updated. 

User friendly 

All information are stored into a single runnable file. 
A simple GUI helps you set the analysis. 
An detailed online help is available for all features.


REQchecker is worldwide used since 2009. It is not a web tool, mandatory for confidential documents: it runs standalone and keeps your documents on your network.
The standalone setup can be installed without internet connexion.
Certified free of viruses.

Easy to install

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Compatible with all Microsoft Windows: XP, Vista, Seven, 8, 10.
Simple automatic setup without administrative rights.

REQchecker 1.1 is free for small / medium projects.


Some links to learn more about software or system requirement engineering.