Provisional Vocabulary

Vocabulary for expressing entity's reputation and it conforms to OWL Lite

The suggested prefix is ro



 Classes Description
 Reputation  An abstract Reputation
 Rating  A single Rating representing an entity's reputation, refers to other ways of representing reputation, subclassof:Reputation and has one owner
 ReputationObject  A Reputation Object of an entity related to multiple criteria, subclassof:Reputation and has one owner
 ReputationValue  Contains the current value of the criterion along with its past values if they exist
 PossibleValues   A set of possible values that a criterion in a reputation object can have (literals or resources) which can be a static predefined set  or a general range
 Context  A reputation context that represents multiple criteria
 Criterion  A reputation criterion to be evaluated and saved in a reputation object
 QualityAttribute  A reputation criterion regarding quality measuers
 Algorithm  A methodological method, entry point, or an engine
 ComputationAlgorithm  The method used to compute or aggregate several reputation values (i.e. reputation function)
 CollectingAlgorithm  The engine or method used to collect the value of a reputation criterion


Properties domain  range
 hasReputation  foaf:Agent   Rating, ReputationObject
 hasCriteria  ReputationObject   Criterion, QualityAttribute
 historyList  ReputationValue, list of the past values for a criterion in a particular time slot  Collection of PossibleValue
 hasReputationValue  Criterion or QualityAttribute  ReputationValues
 currentValue   ReputationValue, describes the current value of a criterion  PossibleValues
 hasRange  Criterion or QualityAttribute  PossibleValues
 orderedValuesList  PossibleValues, describes the order of the possible values for a criterion to be able to compare between 2 values  OWLList
 orderFunction  PossibleValues, describes the comparison function (i.e. between two given reputation values) and is used as an alternative to order a dynamic set of possible values if a static list is not given  Algorithm
 calculatedBy  Criterion or QualityAttribute  ComputationAlgorithm
 collectedBy  Criterion or QualityAttribute  CollectingAlgorithm
 hasRatingValue  Rating          type:literal

This section shows some usage applications of Reputation Object Ontology classes.

Use Case 1: A foaf:Agent reputation object
<foaf:Person rdf:about="#Alice"> 
  <foaf:openid rdf:resource=''/>
  <ro:hasReputation >
  <ro:ReputationObject rdf:ID=''AliceRO1''>   
    <ro:Criterion rdf:resource=''#Driving''>
      <ro:hasReputationValue ro:value=8/>
      <ro:collectedBy ro:CollectingAlgorithm=''#Rating''/>
    <ro:Criterion rdf:resource=''#SocialActivities''>
      <ro:hasReputationValue ro:value=''active''/>
      < ro:collectedBy > 
        <ro:CollectingAlgorithm rdf:resource=''''/>
</ro:hasReputation >

Use Case 2: An e-market seller's reputation object
<gr:Reseller rdf:reference=""> 
 <ro:hasReputation >
 <ro:ReputationObject rdf:ID=''SellerRO1''>   
  <ro:Criterion rdf:resource=''''>
   <ro:collectedBy ro:CollectingAlgorithm=''#WebPortal''/>
 </ro:hasReputation >

Rehab Alnemr,
Aug 29, 2010, 9:43 PM