Our 4 Day Week

R-M school will continue on the 4-day week schedule for 2019-2020.

Most schools in the country, and especially Michigan, conduct classes 5 days per week.  The Republic-Michigamme School has been conducting classes 4 days per week since the 2004-2005 school year.  This has been an effort to reduce costs and save money.  Our school has been saving money by having a four day school week. Even though students only attend class Tuesday through Friday, the amount of time spent in the classroom for the entire year is the same as schools attending five days per week.  The length of our day was increased to make up for the lost day in school.  Students attend class from 8 a.m. until 4:10 p.m. each day.  We have an 8 period day with no study halls.   All of our students and staff, including the young elementary students, have easily adapted to the longer day and really enjoy the four-day week!
Frequently asked questions about the four-day school week

Q. When did the school start the four-day school week?

A. In the 2004-2005 school year.

Q. Why did the school change to the four-day school week?

A. It saves the school a lot of money by not operating the school for one day per week.

Q. What's the  amount of money the school has saved since the four-day school week was started?

A. Over $1 million dollars has been saved over the past 15 years.

Q. How can the school save this much money from taking one day off?

A. We don't use as much electricity, water, and heating fuel.  We save gas and driver wages on busing, the support & maintenance staff works four 8-hour days per week, and the school cafeteria operates 1 less day per week.

Q. What do the teachers think of the four-day school week?

A. They think it's phenomenal! 

Q. What do the students say about the four-day school week?

A. Students have replied that it is better than the five-day school week, and that it is cool.

Q. How much longer is the day

A. One hour and ten minutes longer each day than when we had a 5-day week.

Q. What do members of the school do on their Monday off?

A. Teachers can spend it with their families or work at home, and students can work & play at home or have a job.

Q. Can the students learn as much in four days as the five-day students?

A. Yes, there is the same amount of instructional time.  It's distributed over four days instead of five. Also, our students have an 7-period day and most have no study halls.  They have 7 different classes per day.

Q. How do the basketball teams manage to get the same amount of practice?

A. Practice and games are still held on Mondays, so the teams still have the same schedule as before.

Q.  How does the band function without an extra day of practice/class per  week?

A. The band functions the same on the 4 day week. The same amount of concerts are performed and the band program expanded by adding the jazz band.