School Spirit
    One cannot see or touch School Spirit.  It can hardly be defined.  Yet there is no more powerful force in a school.  It is our teams fighting hard and clean to win.  It is in our stands with our fans urging teams on with ringing cheers.  It is in our classes, performances, and projects, as through good work we advance the standing of our school.  It is in our students in the halls, about the grounds, and in the village-proud of our school, backing its every worthy cause, protecting its good name, doing nothing of which it need be ashamed.  It is the thrill of victory, the acceptance of honorable defeat.  It is our affection for our school.  It is determination to put ones effort into high school years and get results from them.  It is courtesy and consideration to classmates, teachers, and visitors in our school.  It is faith in our school.  School Spirit is the most precious thing that those who have gone before you can give.  Guard it well.  Hand it on untarnished to your successors.
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