Please Register Your ALE Station Callsign

Dear amateur radio ALE operators everywhere,

Please register your ALE Station Callsign today at

HFLINK will issue updated ALE fill files soon. Registered callsigns will be in the listing and approximate locations on the maps.

Go to the ALE Comm Centre of the Global ALE High Frequency Network and REGISTER... in your PROFILE, please enter your Location: Grid, City, Country.


You may also include your name, station  equipment, and antenna system in the
INFO section of your profile.  You may add your ham website URL and an image or logo of your choice.

"Grid" provides an approximate location on the HFN Status Maps.

You can find your grid at:

Please use your ALE address as the login. You may add additional profiles and email addresses if you have multiple ALE stations.

Register in the ALE Comm Centre:

73 Bonnie KQ6XA
HFN International Coordinator