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  • MuFuRU: The Multi-Function Recurrent Unit 
    Dirk Weissenborn and Tim Rocktäschel
  • Decoding Neural Activity Patterns Associated with Sentences by Combining Experiential Attribute and Text-Based Semantic Models 
    Andrew Anderson, Jeffrey Binder, Leonardo Fernandino, Colin Humphries, Lisa Conant, Katrin Erk and Rajeev Raizada
  • Distilling Word Embeddings: An Encoding Approach
    Lili Mou, Ran Jia, Yan Xu, Ge Li, Lu Zhang and Zhi Jin
  • Learning Phone Embeddings for Word Segmentation of Child-Directed Speech 
    Jianqiang Ma, Çağrı Çöltekin and Erhard Hinrichs
  • Learning Word Representations from Multiple Information Sources 
    Yunchuan Chen, Lili Mou, Yan Xu, Ge Li and Zhi Jin
  • Improving Preposition Sense Disambiguation with Representations Learned from Mutilingual Data 
    Hila Gonen and Yoav Goldberg
  • Combining String Kernels and Gaussian Processes for Richer Text Representations 
    Daniel Beck