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I define myself as a tutor who teaches quantitative and analytical portions, and the rest of math.

I give shortcuts and directions to solve problems without being pedantic.

That's what makes me really different from other teachers.

Cram (unlike school) teachers don't teach how to be moral or good.

I focus on getting the students better grades in a while.

That's why there's great demand for Skype Math Tutor Alex110365 in such countries like Russia
or the USA.

Online tutoring, homework help, solving problems, test preparation, and other services directly to students.


Skype: Alex110365

Алексей – Alexey

 Alex = A-Tutor + in Russia = 


I also coach students for GCSE or GMAT, and practically guarantee a high score of your GMAT
or GCSE - General Certificate of Secondary Education.

With experienced tutors and very well structured course material,

GCSE and GMAT lessons will give you an assured high score.

Expert Tutor, highly qualified professor with Master degree in Math and Engineering.

+ English Tutor, Mathematics School, Math School, Math Study.
Successful applicants must be committed to excellence in math education,

must love their job and enjoy their study. You know, I provide serious teaching.  


Who is a tutor ? Who is called a tutor ?

 In many universities, a tutor is usually a postgraduate student or a lecturer assigned to conduct a seminar for students,
so called a tutorial
But in the United States of America (U.S.A.) and Canada he is known as a teaching assistant.
In the University of Cambridge, a Tutor is an officer of a college under a Senior Tutor.
In the United States, a tutor gives professional instruction in a certain topic or field.

 A private tutor is a private instructor who teaches a subject or skill to a student or small group of them.
This attention lets the student improve knowledge or skills more rapidly than in a classroom.
Tutors are privately hired and paid by the student or their family.
Many are used for remedial students;
many provide advanced material for capable and motivated students,
or in the context of homeschooling.

Tutelage is the process of being under the guidance of a tutor.
Tutoring also occurs when I help you to study a specific course or subject that you are taking to get a better result.
I can also let you work on your own, and can be there if you have any questions.



Выполнение курсовых работ,

заданий Master of Business Administration - MBA.