Reverentia sacrorum canonum

Among the most original early commentaries on Gratian's Decretum is an anonymous text known after its incipit as Reverentia sacrorum canonum. This interesting decretist work is preserved in a single manuscript belonging to the Bibliotheca Amploniana in Erfurt. The purpose of this web page is to disseminate information about Reverentia and make its text available. The finished edition will be published in series A of the Monumenta Iuris Canonici.

Edition in Progress

Caveat emptor: The text of the edition is more or less finished, but the eventual line numbers will no doubt be different. The apparatuses are still subject to revision, particularly the apparatus fontium. One of the main formal sources, Simon of Bisignano's Summa, is still awaiting publication. The current apparatus fontium cites to the electronic edition of Simon's summa.

Introduction to Reverentia

Recent Studies

John C. Wei, "The 'Extravagantes' in the Decretist Summa 'Reverentia sacrorum canonum'," Bulletin of Medieval Canon Law, n.s. 29 (2011-2012): 169-182.
John Wei,
Mar 4, 2013, 8:31 AM