Research in pediatric emergency medicine (REPEM) network (The European Paediatric Emergency Medicine Research Network. Pediatric Section of the European Society for Emergency Medicine)

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REPEM is a Research Network that includes physicians in the capacity of a researcher, medical director, research director, consultant or director of medical education who work in a European paediatric emergency department. The network was established in October 2006 at the EuSEM Congress in Crete.
Its mission is to improve emergency care for children through high standard national, multinational and multicentre research. In this way, REPEM will help the EuSEM PEM Section achieve the objectives proposed.

This Mission will be developed:

·         Considering the patient as the focus of every activity developed

·         Taking into account the principles of equity, efficiency and quality

·         Encouraging European research

·         Establishing relations with other Research Networks from the same or other geographical areas.

·         Respecting the ethical values

·         Using the most effective and adequate technology

·         Boosting the personal and professional development of the researchers, particularly facilitating and encouraging young researchers

·         Protecting the security and health of the participating pediatricians

·         Promoting the relationship with the Health Authorities

·         Coordinating and liaising with other health services