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"The highest purpose of art is to inspire"- Bob Dylan, singer


  "Woman Selling Cotton"- 16" x 20"- Relief woodcut print on Tusche paper *

  Etching print 4" x 4"

Linoleum Print- "Ryan"-  4" x 6" 

Linoleum Print-" Jonathan Hunt"-4" x 4.5" on Rives BFK Paper

Jon Hunt- 4" x 4.5-Linoleum Ghost Print on Reeves BFK paper

Linoleum Print- Jon-4" x 4.5" on Reeves BFK paper

 Mono print- "Victims of War"- 4" x 3" -on Arches Watercolor paper

Mono print- War-4.2" x 3"- in Arches watercolor paper

Mono print-"Bambi"-3" x 5" on Arches watercolor paper

"Lake Swift Current" -5.5" x 8"-Collograph Print on Rives BFK *

  Collograph with superimposed Horse- 16" x 20"- Rives BFK paper


Linocut prints-5" x 6"- shaded with spoon on tusche paper


 Collograph with Fish- 8" x 10"- Rives BFK

                 "Lake Swift Current Storm"- Collograph print on Rives BFK * 16" x  20"S sold through the  Skoto Gallery of Art in New York