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If you are looking for Rent Roll® technical support, you are in the wrong place. Try RealPage, Inc. instead.

This site is the personal property and sole responsibilty of Peter B. Steiger, an employee of RealPage, Inc. I wrote some programs that help me diagnose and repair database corruption in Rent Roll® data files and like to share these tools with my colleagues in the technical support business. If I did not tell you about these programs or explain how to use them, or if you are not comfortable typing in arcane commands at the command prompt, this page is not for you. If you promise not to call the RealPage, Inc. support line with questions about these programs, proceed... 

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Peter Steiger. I have been with RealPage, Inc. since 1992 (when it was a 10-person company called Rent Roll, Inc.) I am the programmer responsible for the grief you experience with Budget Builder and some of the reports in Rent Roll® itself, and my current mission is to stamp out all data corruption in the Rent Roll® databases. Professionally, I work with whatever flavor-of-the-month Windows® they throw at me along with Clipper and other related DBF manipulation languages; on my own hardware I prefer Linux and I'm slowly learning C. For more personal and less work-related information, you can pry into my private life

Please do not contact RealPage, Inc. for questions about these programs. You can reach me by email at RealPage, Inc. or at this address: 


(signed) Peter B. Steiger

How Can I Help You?

  • Rent Roll Tools
  • AOI Tools
  • Printer Compatibility Test
  • File Splitter
  • New!  GETDATA ver 2.14
    Do you work at a helpdesk or corporate office where you receive and restore the data for many properties every day? GETDATA will automate the process by finding the data files, figuring out whether the file should be restored to Rent Roll or Account On It!, locating the folder for the correct version of that product, and restoring the most recent data it can find for the property you specify. Read more about the program here