Rent a Metal Detector in Miami Beach, Florida

Did you lose something?
Just want to have some fun?
Find a buried treasure! 

Rent a metal detector (Garrett Ace 250), 
carry case and sand scoop or digger / sifter
$40.00 for one day - $50 for two days!
Can be picked up in Bal Harbour area by appointment only
I do not have a store or office!!
Please CALL and we'll arrange a time and place to meet
I do not sell metal detectors

$100.00 cash deposit required.
($140 / $150 due upon acceptance of detector, 
$100.00 is returned when detector is returned

 Call Mark (305) 785-5445 

*This unit is not waterproof*
*I simply rent the detector, I do not offer training, please 
watch the videos below prior to renting*

Garrett 250 part 1

Ace Garrett 250 part 2

If unable to watch these videos, please use the links below:

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