Rent-A-Center is a one stop shop for all furniture, electronics, home appliances and computer need. Rent-A-Center helps people to furnish their homes without incurring a continuing obligation and without needing any credit access. 

Rent-A-Center has been serving people since its incorporation in 1986 by fulfilling their home furnishing needs with rent to own furniture, electronics, home appliances and rent to own computers. With more than 3000 stores throughout US, Rent-A-Center is the market leader of the rent to own industry with more than $6.7 billion dollar in revenue serving millions of happy customers. 

Customers can rent items at a worry free price and without any checking of credit only at Rent-A-Center. The non-requirement of any down payment or long term obligation makes the rent to own experience more smooth. Customers also have the option to return a rented item at any time and for any reason, without paying a penalty. They can also re-rent the same item and pick up the payment where they left off. The rental price also includes delivery, service and repair cost to add to the delight of the customers. 

Why are you waiting? Go, grab your favorite home appliance from your nearest Rent-A-Center store. 

Rent to own furniture, electronics, home appliances and computers.