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Nutritional Programs & Weight Release
Adult, Nutrition or Weight Release 1 hour nutritional consultation. 
Includes a custom plan in e book format ........................$100.00 does not include follow up visits if needed.

Pediatric Nutrition with www.GreatGrubforKids.com
Includes the entire GreatGrubforKids.com kit and initial visit ........................................$80.00
*Pediatric nutrition improves best If all family members who help with the child's meals participate in the visit.

Family price up to 3 people & 3 customized plans $240.00

REN's Healthy Heart Diet       
1 hour nutritional consultation ............................................$100.00
For hypertensive, high blood pressure and or high cholesterol clients. 
Includes customizable plan in e book format to start improving your diet immediately. This is not a weight loss program even though you might lose some weight naturally on this plan. Learn to eat great foods in the right balance that help to increase your heart & artery health.

Sports Nutrition For Adults and Kids
1 hour nutritional consultation for weight gain or improved athletic nutrition.
Includes customizable plan in e book format ........................$100.00


Additional Information for Children's Nutrition.  
Ren uses a non-diet approach to help children and parents understand age appropriate nutrition needs and a game plan to transition them into healthy diets & lifestyles.

Menu plans, shopping lists and behavioral rewards will be discussed and provided to clients. One of the biggest challenges our country faces today is childhood obesity and diabetes.

Only You Can Reduce your Child's Risk for Disease!
If nothing changes the CDC predicts that 1 out of every 3 children will become diabetic in their lifetime.

Together with Ren you can reverse this trend for your family, with your strong commitment, an excellent nutritional plan and coaching from Ren changes to your
child's (families) diet can have a true stick factor.

Children with poor dietary habits are in danger.

Type II diabetes in the past was mostly common in adults, this is why it was called Onset Diabetes. It is now common in five year olds!

We put our children in the best car seats, booster seats, give them the best shoes and schools we can afford. It is an absolute must that we include in this the best foods that we can afford.

Your children cannot grow and be healthy eating fat foods, sugar, white breads, white rice, fried foods and soda. Junk food may seem more cost effective at first, but when you look at health care costs for Type II Diabetes, some cancers and other medical expenses that families are paying now for very young children and teenagers, you get to see the real big picture.

You can make a change, it's your kitchen! for your family!

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