Welcome to East Coast Karate

East Coast Karate is the Premier source for martial arts training in Rhode Island. Whether you're an Adult looking for Karate or Kickboxing to improve you flexibility, fitness or relieve stress, or a Parent looking for Better Discipline, Respect and Concentration for your child. East Coast Karate is the place for you!

Classes Available
Little Dragons (ages3-5)
Youth Karate (ages 6-11)
Teen Karate (12-16) 
Adult Karate (17 & up)  
Okinawan Weaponry
Cardio Kickboxing

Adult Karate:

In the Adult Karate Class if your looking for more of the traditional martial art that covers history, culture, philosophy, has ranking, and dives deeper into concepts, principles and mental wisdoms while giving you a great workout along with realistic self defense than the Karate program is for you.

Youth Karate:
For our Children Program, it is an educational program based on traditional Karate values such as Focus, Respect, Self-Confidence, Self-Control, and Self-Discipline along with self defense.
If you Enroll your child in Tae Kwon Do they'll learn mainly kicking skills. Enroll them in Jujitsu they'll mainly learn ground wrestling. Here at ECK they'll learn a wide range of skills which gives them a well rounded education and rock solid foundation for any other future sports. 
Kickboxing: In the Cardio Kickboxing class you can burn up to 800 calories an hour! Bored of the gym? Call a friend and give this a try.

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