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Shasta County in the Early 20th Century:
The Coming of the Automobile and Other Events, 1900-1910
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3rd Grade Teachers
in Shasta County
New Local History Readers and Teaching Materials (Free)!
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Courage of the 49ers:
A Story of the California Gold Rush
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Stories of Early 
American Presidents:
Washington to Lincoln
(stories of their youth and main accomplishments)

 Publisher and author, Al M. Rocca is Professor Emeritus, Simpson University. He currently serving as Special Consultant for the CalStateTeach Program and teaches Curriculum and Instruction for Simpson University.
Dr. Rocca is also Editor of the Social Studies Review (California Council for the Social Studies).

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  California State University, Monterey Bay

Wintu Indian Stories for 3rd Grade --  Free!!
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Two new audiobooks are ready for download (Free)
Scene 1 -- Deer Hunt
Scene 2-- Picking Berries