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Renovation Construction Company Concrete Contractor of Monterey prides ourselves in mastering the art of concrete, including the unique designs and wide array of decorative finishes available to the consumer. Stamped concrete has become one of the most popular finishes among home owners over the last decade. Rock salt concrete finish is also one of the more beautiful and overlooked finishes that can be combined with a float or trowel finish that provides a unique yet simple tone to your new concrete. Stenciled Concrete can be designed in numerous variations with the most common finish resembling brick design that can also be stained or colored. Float and trowel concrete finish has been around for years and can provide a classic finish that resembles patterns or swirls that are a bit more articulate and eye catching. Broom finish concrete is the simplest and most economical finish that can be light or coarse in while providing a less slippery surface for that child that may like to run around with wet feet, and to provide an overall safe solution for those who walk on your concrete. Please do not forget that we offer a wide range of services such as Plumbing, Earthwork, Steel Building, Paving, etc., and find below a list of concrete applications and finishes that include, but are not limited to:

Decorative Concrete Finishes
Stained Concrete
Stamped Concrete
Texture Concrete
Concrete Overlay
Concrete Resurface
Concrete Polish
Concrete Dye
Colored Concrete

Concrete Indoor Solution and Application

Concrete Floors
Garage Floor Coating
Concrete Counter-top
Fireplaces, Sinks & Furniture
Basement Floor
Heated Concrete

Outdoor Concrete Solutions and Application
Concrete Patio
Concrete Driveway
Concrete Pool Deck
Outdoor Kitchen & Counter-top
Outdoor Fireplace
Concrete Walkway
Concrete Paving
Concrete Wall

Concrete Driveway Stockton Ca
Concrete Walkway Stockton Ca
Concrete Foundation Stockton Ca
Concrete Patio border edge Stockton Ca