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Software I use


Ubuntu 8.10 on a tablet PC (Toshiba Portege M200)
In the past, also used Windows XP on a Core2 laptop.


I have installed the official Java RepRap host software. It took quite a bit of fiddling with the classpath and LD_LIBRARY_PATH to get it working, but it's pretty good. You can load an STL, rotate and move it on screen in 3D, and print to SNAP or GCode firmware.

I also installed the Python Skeinforge software. It's a bit easier to get the software working, but the user interface is not as pretty. There are lots of settings and features that might help you improve print quality, and it's really focussed towards 'print this STL file'. It loads an STL, and produces a .gcode file containing the instructions to print the object, and  a simple (x/y plot) simulation of the toolpath.

I've also used ReplicatorG to feed the GCode files from Skeinforge into the RepRap.


My Arduino currently has the GCode firmware (getting started)

I've modified the firmware to include a basic speed control with an encoder.

Currently this is an untested hacked version. YMMV.

The stepper interrupt loop now counts encoder pulses. The input parameter (RPM?) in the host software (1-255) is inverted - 1 - fast and 255-slow.

The RPM param determines a set number of ticks (e.g. 1=.001 sec , 200 = .2 sec)- I've not bothered to calculate the actual timings yet.

The motor is turned on. As soon as a pulse is recorded, the motor is switched off, and it waits out the remainder of the ticks.

once the ticks are up, the counter is reset and the motor starts up again.

UNTESTED HACKED CODE. I tested it for about 30sec and it seemed to work. not yet finished - but in-progress snapshot.

Zip file at bottom of page.

RepRap Presentation

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oops - 13Mb too big. Email or PM me if you want me to send it.

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19 Jun 2009, 11:34
David Reynolds,
30 May 2009, 14:21