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Renoir1 drive



Cut a hole in the filament feed tube.
Jam a star drive bit from an electric screwdriver into the hole.
The star screwdriver is basically a splined shaft - the hole is positioned to intersect with the filament guide. The splined bit cuts into the filament and drives it downwards.



Testing - ABS - score 7/10

Works with Renor3 Extruder at 2.4v : Produces lots of filament very quickly.
At 3.6v tends to stuff filament too quick, stalls, and then chews a notch in the filament.
Can't drive it with the RepRap electronics at the moment.

Integration Testing - ABS - score 3/10

When incorporated with a nozzle, there is not quite enough grip to force the filament through. Adding a little extra hand force produces filament, but it tends to slip and chew the filament on it's own. Examining the screwdriver bit, it's actually pretty poorly made - maybe a better bit would work better?

Also, the large 3.6v motor needs too much current to run from the RepRap electronics. This could be a big problem.