My RepRap

My RepRap is a version 2 (Arduino) electronics kit from RRRF and a version 2 BitsFromBytes lasercut full mechanical Kit.

Assembly blog is located at Renoir's Rants which is my personal blog. Assembly is from 2008 onwards, tagged with 'reprap'.

The stepper cables have been extended with 4-core speaker cable and the PCBs have been mounted on a plywood base. The power supply has been cable tied to the base.

The nozzle is constructed from fire cement with an embedded 8ohm nichrome heater. It has an embedded 100k RRRF standard thermistor and is insulated with a cut-up silicone trivet (kitchen hot pan stand).
I've bolted a PTFE cutting board (Asda, £1) to the build platform to give it some extra "grip". The surface has a cross-hatch pattern that should help the extrusion stick.

Software I use

Extruder Experiments

Chocolate Extruder
- an extruder that extrudes chocolate!
Extruder v1 - Quick and dirty extruder, minimal construction
Extruder v2 - simple welding tip nozzle
Extruder v3 - simple welding tip nozzle, but larger tolerances
Extruder drive v1 - a screwdriver star tip drive system with an electric screwdriver
Extruder drive v2 - updated star tip drive with a GM3 motor (temp hack)
Coach bolt hack - BitsFromBytes drive with a coach bolt hack
Extruder v4 - improved extruder with a removable heater and nozzle.
Coach bolt hack v2 - improved drive connection with less bend!

Other Resources

Excellent post about building a nozzle from thin tube

Single Sided RepRap Stepper Driver

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