Renoir2 extruder


8mm PEEK tube drilled to 3.2mm
Lower PEEK hole drilled to 4.5mm and M5 tapped

0.6mm Welding tip drilled out to 3mm

8Ohm Insulated Nichrome wire wound directly round the welding tip

Heater sealed in fire cement
Thermistor leads wrapped in PTFE tape for insulation and embedded in fire cement


Screw in welding tip and wind nichrome directly onto welding tip
From renoir2_extruder_v0.01
Cover the windings with fire cement and harden. Poke in the thermistor.
I cut a notch in the end to help mount it.

From renoir2_extruder_v0.01

using the notch, a few washers and woodscrews allowed a temporary mounting. I added a small silicone insulator and a pipe clip for strength.

From renoir2_extruder_v0.01
From renoir2_extruder_v0.01


Testing - ABS - score 9/10

Reached 250 degrees easily: low thermal inertia . Warms up in 10 - 15 seconds

hand pressure extrudes filament easily