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Event/ Social Issues


 •Failed U.S. Rescue Attempt to Save Hostages in Tehran

•John Lennon Assassinated

•Mount St. Helens Erupts

•Pac-Man Video Game Released

•Rubik's Cube Becomes Popular


 •Assassination Attempt on the Pope

•Assassination Attempt on U.S. President Reagan

•First Woman Appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court  

•New Plague Identified as AIDS

•Personal Computers (PC) Introduced by IBM


 •E.T. Movie Released

•Michael Jackson Releases Thriller

•Vietnam War Memorial Opened in Washington, DC


 •Cabbage Patch Kids Are Popular

•Reagan Announces Defense Plan Called Star Wars

•Sally Ride Becomes the First American Woman in Space

•Soviets Shoot Down a Korean Airliner

•U.S. Embassy in Beirut Bombed


 •Huge Poison Gas Leak in Bhopal, India

•Indira Gandhi, India's Prime Minister, Killed by Two Bodyguards

•PG-13 Movie Rating Created


•Hole in the Ozone Layer Discovered

•New Coke Hits the Market

•Wreck of the Titanic Found


 •Challenger Space Shuttle Explodes

•Chernobyl Nuclear Accident

•Ferdinand Marcos Flees the Philippines

•U.S. Bombs Libya

•U.S.S.R. Launches Mir Space Station


 •DNA First Used to Convict Criminals

•New York Stock Exchange Suffers Huge Drop on "Black Monday"

•West German Pilot Lands Unchallenged in Russia's Red Square


 •Pan Am Flight 103 Is Bombed Over Lockerbie

•U.S. Shoots Down Iranian Airliner


 •Berlin Wall Falls

•Exxon Valdez Spills Millions of Gallons of Oil on Coastline

•Students Massacred in China's Tiananmen Square

•U.S. President Bush Announces That He Doesn't Like Broccoli

    I believe that when the new disease, AIDS was discovered, it had the biggest impact throughout the events of the 1980. Since then many different third world countries have been continuing to suffer daily from the side effects, and unfortunatly many deaths of this disease. There are so many people that have this, and do not get the proper treatment which can, and usually is tragic. For this to still be a big problem twenty years later, i believe that it had the most impact on the 1980s.