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The British Woodcarvers Association Bedfordshire Branch Newsletter No 47 is here.
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2018 01 06: Terry has info about a couple of new/unused items of power tools. Contact Terry for details.
NEW: 2017 12 20: BWA Beds Woodcarvers Christmas newsletter (#40) available here and here. Many pictures of quite astonishing handicraft!
2017 08 06: BWA Bedfordshire Region Newsletter No 38 (August 2017) uploaded. Interesting articles including more on the new Village sign. See here.
2017 07 23: Brief report and picture of the erection and unveiling of the new Village sign here. Wonderful. Thanks Terry!
2017 07 14: BWA Bedfordshire Region Newsletter No 37 (also July 2017) available here.
2017 07 13: A further note from Terry Nokes re the results of the Egg Carving competition. See the full item here.
2017 07 03: Terry Nokes writes: Hi All, Really looking forward to Monday - we have two carving club sessions and also a guest speaker giving a talk on Marquetry. All welcome to attend the Marquetry tuition at 7pm, but around 8pm we will resume our evening carving club. Normally i ask not to park on main lawn in front of house, but on this occasion we may have to.  Please do not drive over next doors lawn. I don't know how many plan to attend the talk, but thank-you in advance for squashing into our small workshop. Please note attached Newsletter 36 (below). Also please bring any finished work for our approaching regional displays, and also any finished bird projects from the  Peter Benson day. Hope you enjoy the Newsletter as they take some time, and look forward to seeing you all  on Monday.
2017 07 03: BWA Bedfordshire Region Newsletter No 36 (July 2017) available here.
2017 06 05: BWA Bedfordshire Region Newsletter No 35 (June 2017) available here.
2016: Christmas 2016 Newsletter here and April 2017 newsletter here.

Introduction to Pyrography:
Meetings are held at my home address below where I have a home workshop. The sessions are held on a monthly basis on a weekday evening (normally Fridays). All attendees bring their own machines, and donate £5.00/visit (approx 6.30-9.30pm). With heating/electric/refreshments/library/newsletters, this is a non profit making activity!
The cost of a decent Pyrography machine starts around £110. The one we favour most is http://www.peterchild.co.uk/pyroinfo/pyinfo.htm Dedicated Pyrography is an art, but it is also a method of adding decoration and texture to carvings (note the tortoises).
As for artwork, most is transferred by carbon paper/tracing paper etc. onto the work piece. There are quite a few on-line suppliers who sell pyrography blanks and accessories.
We tend to use high quality plywood and light coloured timbers such as sycamore. So for burn density - it is achieved by the variable temperature control and/or the duration or speed of nib contact with the work piece. Project time is dependent on experience, size and level of detail. Some projects will take time. I myself have just started this, so lack the experience of my members.
Unfortunately at this moment in time, my whole property front is stone pebbled and a workshop step may prove difficult for wheelchair access. I have an outbuilding for refreshments and a toilet, but again a step.
As you may be aware my main thing outside my work is woodcarving and I run a group from here too. All current pyrography attendees are also my woodcarving members, who pay additional subscriptions totalling £25/year. If I gain any new Pyrography members, being outside the BWA (British Woodcarvers Association), it will be necessary for me to get my own liability insurance and put in place specific club documentation and policies for safety.
Please note this is quite a new meeting/club activity and has not been going too long, but one attendee travels from St.Albans, another from Olney. It is seems to be going quite well. The venue is quite small, so numbers would have to be limited if there is much interest.
Terry Nokes Bedfordshire Regional Leader, British Woodcarvers Association,
South Cottage, 47 Green End, Renhold, MK41 0LJ t: 01234 871752
e: nokes_terry@hotmail.com