As you may have read in the Village Magazine, I refurbish used Windows-based computers as a retirement hobby and sell them. Deducting only the direct cost of the parts used in the upgrade, the 'profit' goes to charity - with Gift Aid added! See the list of machines available here.

As well as the giants like eBay, there are many local sites where you can offer or request items (Renhold streetlife, Goldington streetlife, gumtree, Bedford freegle, Bedford preloved, Bedford Freecycle, sellbuylocal, to name a few). Some of these are strictly for free offers or wanted, some are for selling/buying, etc.

If you wish to offer or request something within Renhold or nearby, send me a mail with the wording of your ad and I'll put it on here for you!

Free: approx. 8 sheets (4ft x 4ft and larger) of window glass. Useful for greenhouse, etc? I cannot cut or deliver! - Ian McIver (