Diary of a Quilt

Diary of a Quilt

Many village residents from 1994/95 will recall when the 'Renhold Stitchers' won the Mid- and North-Beds Villages 'Our Village' quilting competition.

Probably less well known is that a key part of the competition was to produce a Diary of the whole project. Linda Powell, who passed away in 2015 but who was at the time Renhold's Postmistress, took the responsibility for this aspect and produced a wonderful hand written and liberally-illustrated 100+ page Diary.

Whilst helping with the Magazine I had obviously seen the Quilt hanging majestically in the Chapter House. On one occasion (whilst I was photographing the said Quilt for this website) Sheila Day asked me if I'd ever seen the Diary that went with the Quilt. Of course, being a newcomer to the village, I hadn't.

Sheila wasted little time in arranging a viewing and proceeded to ask me if I thought the Diary could be somehow uploaded to the website. I accepted that challenge and I am delighted to say that we have now completed the process of scanning the whole Diary and uploading it.

We hope this will facilitate the accessibility of Linda's labour of love to a much wider audience. More than that, we sincerely hope that the many newcomers to the village will find this Diary and indeed the Quilt itself interesting and instructive.

Please do take the time to read and admire the work those ladies undertook 20+ years ago. We hope you enjoy a microcosm of Renhold's relatively recent history.

See the 'Diary of a Quilt' here.