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2020 12 03: This was a close call, but the '400' development appeal has been refused. Hooray! Read the Report here.
2020 08 13: Read Lizzie's latest Newsletter here and the 4 attachments hereherehere, & here. Get this stuff directly from Lizzie? Email her and request!
2020 08 13: A huge amount of work is being undertaken by your Parish Council and I implore you to visit the P.C. site and read about it!
2020 08 12: BBC Public Consultation – Possible Changes to the Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Register. See here.
2020 08 12: Gov't announces changes to the Planning System. You may wish to read & respond to these 3 docts: PC10PC11 & PC12.
2020 08 12: The developers of the proposed '400' houses on Hookhams Ln have taken their rejected application to appeal on 11th Sept (see Notice here).                     Pls write to support the BBC rejection!
2020 08 12: Green Bin collections will revert to fortnightly from 17th August. Please check YOUR date here!
2020 08 11: More advice on the Covid-19 virus from the NHS & the Borough Council. Click here.
2020 08 11: Covid-19: Advice from Renhold Parish Council. Click here.
2020 07 31 - The latest of Lizzie's very informative Newsletters may be read here.
The draft Minutes of the 20th May 2020 Virtual Parish Council Meeting may be read here.
The Renhold Parish Council 2019 - 2020 Annual Report may be read here.
ALERT! Info about the East-West Rail link coming thru Ravensden & Renhold! See poster here. That means YOU!
Aspire (Orbit) Estate - news of Bedford Town F.C. leasing the Fiona Way Pavilion to promote Youth Football in the Community. Poster here
Re the 3 proposed developments in the Village: a further Clerk's Note is here, the Agenda for the Extraordinary Meeting on 7th Nov. is here and the draft P.C. responses to the BBC are herehere & here. Above all please send in 3 letters of objection per person!
Following the P.C.'s unanimous decision to oppose the 3 development applications in the village, I have uploaded 40+ pro-forma objection letters. Please feel free to lift paragraphs and compose your own letter. DON'T DELAY, DO IT TODAY! See all the letters here. Have fun!
Dear Residents: We have yet another attempt to wreck our Village with a huge development in Salph End. Please see here!
Here is the Parish Council's position paper re the latest bid to build 400 new houses in Renhold
Gentle Exercise Classes & Activities for the over-70s! Posters with locations & session timetables are here and here.
The 2018-19 Renhold Village Parish Council Annual Report, which has been delivered to every property in the village, is here.
For those unfortunate enough to travel between the Black Cat Roundabout and Caxton Gibbet, the statement here may be of some interest.
See this Bulletin!
Go to the 'Photos' tab to find ALL the 'Renhold Remembers' photos.
Terry has hand-carved a Remembrance Poppy and attached it to the Village Sign on the Green. See photo here!
Receiving reports of a 'British Gas Refund' scam. DO NOT RESPOND - THERE IS NO REFUND and you'll likely have given your ID away!
Matters relating to the Police, crime and Neighbourhood Watch can be found under the 'Policing & NHW' page on the 'Home' tab above.
Added a link to the Bedford & District Audio News web page on the 'News' page, where you can listen to local news being read by volunteers.
For the benefit of all, would dog owners please pick up their pooch's doo-doos. It is anti-social not to, being both unpleasant and potentially dangerous.
2017 10 23: A note regarding receiving the Parish Council Newssheet by email is here.
If you would like to be added to the BBC planning policy consultation database and receive notifications about the ongoing preparation of the Local Plan
2035 and other policy documents, please email
An e-bulletin re: Orange (Recycling) sacks can be found here.
Pictorial Report on Julian Polhill's January 2017 clearance of the Water Fountain may be found here, here & here.

Other items
Summary reports of Parish matters and reports from the Borough Councillors covering various parts of Renhold are available in the Village Magazine.

2011 Census: A statistical analysis relating to Renhold Civil Parish of the 2011 Census is here. Fascinating reading if you're interested in such matters!