+++ The Parish Council has recognised this Renhold Village website. We are grateful for this endorsement and ongoing support. +++

The Parish Council has its own website with a full archive at http://renhold.bedsparishes.gov.uk/
Contact data for the Parish Councillors is here and for the Clerk is here.
The 2015-2016 Parish Council Annual Report is available here and the 2016-2017 one here.

NEW: The next Parish Council Meeting is at 7:30pm on Thurs 12th April in the Village Hall. Agenda here. 27/2/18 Minutes here
NEW: 450+ Responses to the 2035 Local Plan were delivered from Renhold to the Council on Wednesday 28th! Huge!!!
NEW: The April edition of the Renhold Village Magazine is available here. Enjoy!
NEW: Easter Weekend: Bin collections & the Tidy Tip over Easter? See here.
NEW: The Parish Council's draft response to the latest version of the Bedford Borough Council's Local Plan 2035 is here.
NEW: The Bulky Waste Skip will be in Renhold 19th & 20th May 2018, 08:30am to 12:30pm. Full details here!
NEW: PC Charlotte Norris has replaced PC Kerry Jones as the Police Constable with responsibility for Renhold. See note here.
NEW: The Minutes of the January Mtg, the February Parish Clerk's Notes and the February Mtg agenda are available to read herehere and here.
NEW: Call to action to avoid the desecration of our beautiful and historic village. See here.
NEW: Our PCSO presence has been augmented! See note here.
NEW: Contact details for Darren Rayner, the new Parish Councillor for The Spires ward, are e: thespiresrenhold@gmail.com; m 07825 950673. 
NEW: 2017 12 12: NUISANCE BIKERS on Norse Rd and adjoining industrial estates. Please see Police note here and consider completing the Survey here.
For the benefit of all, would dog owners please pick up their pooch's doo-doos. It is anti-social not to, being both unpleasant and potentially dangerous.
2017 10 23: A note regarding receiving the Parish Council Newssheet by email is here.
Future Parish Council Meetings are scheduled for: 12/4/18, 23/5/18, 20/6/18 & 25/7/18.
The Parish Council report for 2016/17 is here and a plea for assistance with preparing documents re the 2035 Plan can be found here.
     >    If you would like to be added to the BBC planning policy consultation database and receive notifications about the ongoing preparation of the Local Plan
     >    2035 and other policy documents, please email planningpolicy@bedford.gov.uk.
     >    Letter received from Mayor Dave following representations made to him at the 'Roadshow' event. See it here.
     >    Cllrs Quince & Gribble's Report on Mayor Dave's 'Roadshow' visit to the Village is here and my photos and commentary are here.
The deadline for comments on the 2035 Local Plan has passed. You may read the Parish Council's submission here.
     >    An e-bulletin re: Orange (Recycling) sacks can be found here.
     >    Pictorial Report on Julian Polhill's January 2017 clearance of the Water Fountain may be found here, here & here.

Other items
A summary report of Parish matters and reports from the Borough Councillors covering various parts of Renhold are available in Village Magazine.

2011 Census: A statistical analysis relating to Renhold Civil Parish of the 2011 Census is here. Fascinating reading if you're interested in such matters!