+++ The Parish Council has recognised this Renhold Village website. We are grateful for this endorsement and ongoing support. +++

The Parish Council has its own website with a full archive at http://renhold.bedsparishes.gov.uk/
Contact data for the Parish Councillors is here and for the Clerk is here.

Draft minutes of Feb P.C. Mtg here; April here. The next Meeting is AT THE CHAPEL, Woodfield Lane, on Thursday 16th May at 7:30pm.
The 2018-19 Renhold Village Parish Council Annual Report, which has been delivered to every property in the village, is here.
Dates for the annual Bulky Waste Collection Service are announced. T's & C's hereRenhold programme here, Final dates here and full schedule here.
For those unfortunate enough to travel between the Black Cat Roundabout and Caxton Gibbet, the statement here may be of some interest.
Dates for the next few months' Parish Council Meetings are here.
Renhold Parish Council meets Monday 14th Jan 2019 at 7:30 in the Village Hall. See the Agenda here and the draft minutes of the Nov mtg here.
See this Bulletin!
The next Parish Council meeting is on 29th November. The Agenda is here and the draft minutes of the October Meeting are here.
Go to the 'Photos' tab to find ALL the 'Renhold Remember' photos.
The draft Minutes of the September Village and the Parish Council meetings are here.
The Parish Council's final response to the BBC re the '2030 Plan' can be seen here!
Terry has hand-carved a Remembrance Poppy and attached it to the Village Sign on the Green. See photo here!
The minutes of the 26th July Parish Council Meeting are available here.
A report on the Police operation in Renhold on 4th September can be seen here.
Receiving reports of a 'British Gas Refund' scam. DO NOT RESPOND - THERE IS NO REFUND and you'll likely have given your ID away!
Matters relating to the Police, crime and Neighbourhood Watch can be found under the 'Policing & NHW' page on the 'Home' tab above.
NEW: Added a link to the Bedford & District Audio News web page on the 'News' page, where you can listen to local news being read by volunteers.
NEW: The Renhold Parish Council Report for 2017/18 has been delivered to every property in the village and is also available here.
NEW: 450+ Responses to the 2035 Local Plan were delivered from Renhold to the Council on Wednesday 28th! Huge!!!
NEW: The Parish Council's draft response to the latest version of the Bedford Borough Council's Local Plan 2035 is here.
NEW: PC Charlotte Norris has replaced PC Kerry Jones as the Police Constable with responsibility for Renhold. See note here.
For the benefit of all, would dog owners please pick up their pooch's doo-doos. It is anti-social not to, being both unpleasant and potentially dangerous.
2017 10 23: A note regarding receiving the Parish Council Newssheet by email is here.
The Parish Council report for 2016/17 is here.
If you would like to be added to the BBC planning policy consultation database and receive notifications about the ongoing preparation of the Local Plan
2035 and other policy documents, please email planningpolicy@bedford.gov.uk.
The deadline for comments on the 2035 Local Plan has passed. You may read the Parish Council's submission here.
An e-bulletin re: Orange (Recycling) sacks can be found here.
Pictorial Report on Julian Polhill's January 2017 clearance of the Water Fountain may be found here, here & here.

Other items
Summary reports of Parish matters and reports from the Borough Councillors covering various parts of Renhold are available in the Village Magazine.

2011 Census: A statistical analysis relating to Renhold Civil Parish of the 2011 Census is here. Fascinating reading if you're interested in such matters!