During November, residents sent in 70+ 'Renhold Remembers' photos. Clearly we could only use a small selection in the Magazine, but I have uploaded them ALL to this website for your perusal. Click on the Magazine Front Cover icon below. The file is huge so you will need to download it, then it opens as a .pdf file. I am confident it is 'clean' - i.e. no viruses. I hope you like them.

Renhold is honoured and delighted that Mr Julian Polhill has been appointed High Sheriff of Bedfordshire. Photos here!

2018 04: The School has provided a full report and lots of photos regarding their recent Science Week. See it all here.

Many of the photos on this website have been selected from those that, over the years, have been
submitted to the Magazine Editor for possible inclusion in the magazine, although a great number
were never in fact published.

We have tried to credit the photographers wherever possible, but unfortunately we have lost
traceability in some cases. If you believe we have failed to credit you for (or have incorrectly
credited) any of the photos, please contact us here and we will put the matter right.

Submission of other photos to adorn our site is requested. Photos can be organised chronologically,
by subject or event or by photographer.

Click on an icon below to open the relevant Gallery page.
Flora in Renhold