All Saints Church, Renhold
The St Andrews Church, Bedford Spring Belief Course 'Shaping the World Today' begins 25th April. Four Wednesdays, 8pm-9:30pm. Details here 
Please note: Rev Sarah Burrow has left the Parish and the position is currently vacant. Church matters and enquiries are currently being handled by Ann Timms (t: 772605) and Alan Bloomfield (t: 351162 m: 07831 495 758).
Ann Timms was sworn in as Churchwarden at St Andrew’s Church in Bedford on Tuesday 15th July 2016.
A quick 'Who's who' at the Church may be found here.
Times of Services may be found in the Village Magazine, page 6 (see 'Magazine' tab, above) and here.
Flower Arrangements and an appeal for help may be seen here.
The Church website, which was written by Rob Gaskell, may be found here
Histories of the Church may be found here and here.
A gallery of external views of the Church may be found here and internal pics may be seen here.

Renhold Chapel
Times of Services may be found in the Village Magazine, page 25 (see 'Magazine' tab, above) and on the Chapel website.

Renhold Chapel's website, which includes the History of the Chapel, is maintained by Mr Albert Browning and Graham Smith.

An updated, stand-alone History of the Chapel is to be found here.

There are no other Places of Worship in the Civil Parish of Renhold, but Bedford is home to a large number of beliefs including Roman Catholic, Sikhism, Islam, Christ the Scientist, Buddism, Hinduism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Judaism, Latter Day Saints, The Salvation Army, Methodism and a number of other non-Conformist Christian religions and so forth. You may use as a starting point to explore further.