Cranbourne Gdns Broadband

The Cranbourne Gardens Broadband story is here. Peter's latest update (04/05/2019) is here and a Technical Note re BT Master Sockets is here.

Campaign re Fibre Broadband on the Cranbourne Gardens Estate

Astonishingly, approximately 30% of the households on the Cranbourne Gardens Estate (in the Tolkien/Embla/Thor areas) are unable to obtain a high-speed fibre broadband internet service - surely in this day and age as essential as water, gas or electricity supplies.

The fact that such a situation exists must come as a great surprise to many people. It certainly did to me and I live on this very Estate!

The 'lucky' 70% who do have access to high speed fibre broadband are limited to VirginMedia's offering. VM, however, is currently not extending its network on completed estates.

Perhaps even more surprising is that the majority of the 30% of properties were not included in the current Bedford Borough/BT Openreach plans to remedy this situation and provide the service.

Peter Norris has undertaken a huge amount of investigation, data collection and liaison regarding this lack of service and is actively campaigning to rectify the situation. You can read Peter's introduction here, the main body of the study is here and to follow current and future progress, see Progress Diary above.

The essence of Peter's campaign is to get the 30% of the estate that does not currently have access to high-speed broadband, enabled by BT Openreach.

For completeness, I should point out that there is one other possibility that does work reasonably well (certainly far superior to dial-up!) in the area - broadband over the mobile phone network. Although not as fast as fibre to your home, it gives a usable speed and is reliable. And depending on the supplier and your package, it can be considerably cheaper than VM. If you are a 'light user' of the internet you may wish to look into this solution (and I do have considerable familiarity with this method, if you need advice). Needless to say, this method cannot practicably provide TV!

In my personal experience VirginMedia's product is very fast and very reliable but it is expensive and it does keep going up in price. And their customer support leaves something to be desired should you run into technical difficulties.

So, Peter has picked up the baton on your behalf and I am happy to carry the results of his work on this website to provide a 'reference point'. Start here then
go here and finally see the Progress Diary at the top of this page.

Peter's own introduction to his campaign is in the December/January edition of the Village Magazine.

If you are amongst those in Cranbourne Gardens who lack a high-speed fibre based internet connection, please read Peter's article and consider supporting his campaign. We will publish updates and more info as it becomes available.

Ian McIver