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Please note the addition of the Calendar below. I will include any events that you write and request for inclusion on the Calendar.

STOP PRESS (non-repeating events, also listed in the Calendar below)
2016 05 30: Website goes 'live'.
2016 06 16: +++ Alternate website address added: +++
Reminder: You (personally) can sell, give away or request an item on this site. See the 'Sell/give/want' section under the Voice tab.
Reminder: Ever thought about becoming a Blood or Organ Donor? Click on the 'Volunteering' tab above.
2016 11 28: I am absolutely delighted to bring you 'The Diary of a Quilt', the story of how Renhold Stitchers won the Bedfordshire Villages
                    Quilting competition in 1994/95.
Read the whole story here.
2017 01 22: Our own Mr Julian Polhill is 'High Sheriff in nomination' for Bedfordshire for April 2018-19. Details of the Office here.
     >     Received info re launch of the Volunteer River Wardens Scheme which will cover Renhold Brook. See letter and details here.
     >     Enjoy walking in the countryside? See this programme of organised summer evening walks in and around Renhold!          
2017 06 10: The deadline for comments on the 2035 Local Plan has passed. You may read the Parish Council's submission here.
     >     A Bulletin re: how, where and when one may view Planning Applications is available here.
     >    Cllrs Quince & Gribble's Report on Mayor Dave's 'Roadshow' visit to the Village is here and my photos and commentary are here.
     >    Letter received from Mayor Dave following representations made to him at the 'Roadshow' event. See it here.
Reminder: If you would like to be added to the BBC planning policy consultation database and receive notifications about the ongoing preparation of the
                   Local Plan 2035 and other policy documents, please email
     >    The Parish Council report for 2016/17 is here and a plea for assistance with preparing documents re the 2035 Plan can be found here.
NEW: The combined September/October edition of the Renhold Village Magazine is available here. Enjoy!
     >    Notices and documents regarding the Election of a Parish Councillor for the Spires Ward are available herehere and here.
NEW: 2017 09 17: Woodcarving Newsletter (No 39) uploaded. Important details & actions req'd re the Christmas DinnerSee here.
NEW: 2017 09 21: An update to Peter Norris' documentation re: the Cranbourne Gardens Broadband campaign has been uploaded. Go here.
NEW: 2017 09 22: The All Saints Flower Festival will take place October 27th - 29th. See details & poster here.
NEW: Future Parish Council Meetings are scheduled for: 3/10/17 (see note below). 22/11/17, 10/1/18, 27/2/18, 12/4/18, 23/5/18, 20/6/18 & 25/7/18.
NEW: The full Mobile Library Timetable may be found here. There are some useful times/locations on Saturdays too!!!
     >   The 3rd Oct Parish Meeting will start at 7pm and will be an Electors' meeting and an opportunity for activity reports from village organisations.
2017 10 01: No-one came forward for election as Parish Councillor to represent the Spires Ward. The Parish Council will re-advertise!
2017 10 01: Draft Minutes of the September Parish Council meeting may be found here.
2017 10 03: The Greensand Ridge LAG is hosting a breakfast event at 08:30 hrs on Weds 18th Oct re funding for rural SMEs. Details here and here.
2017 10 05: The Renhold Chapel Quiz Night is on Saturday 21st October at 7pm in the Village Hall. See Poster here.
2017 10 11: Parish Clerk's Notes re (amongst other subjects) the responses to the 2035 '500 houses' consultation are here.

Other events in Bedford and surrounding areas may be found here: or here: