Beds Fire & Rescue Community Risk Management Plan 2019 - 2023 - see document here.
Op Chain - Car Park Surgery For Tradespeople. See details here.
Community Priority Setting Meeting - Tue 21st March 2019. See details here.

Some 20 days after the start, (cynical? me?) the BCCG have sent more info about the WiC proposals. See here and action today! Please!
Do you care about having a Walk-in Medical Centre north of the River? Survey here! Write about accessibility & cost of parking at South Wing site!

Are you concerned about speeding in your area? Want to help do something about it? See Notice here!

Renhold is honoured and delighted that Mr Julian Polhill has been appointed High Sheriff of Bedfordshire. Photos here!
For the benefit of all, would dog owners please pick up their pooch's doo-doos. It is anti-social not to, being both unpleasant and potentially dangerous.
NUISANCE BIKERS on Norse Rd and adjoining industrial estates. Please see Police note here and consider completing the Survey here.