NEW: Letter received from Mayor Dave following representations made to him at the 'Roadshow' event. See it here.
NEW: Cllrs Quince & Gribble's Report on Mayor Dave's 'Roadshow' visit to the Village is here and my photos and commentary are here.
NEW: A Bulletin re: how, where and when one may view Planning Applications is available here.
NEW: The next Meeting of the Parish Council will be on Tuesday 12th Sept at 7:30pm in the Village Hall. Parish Clerk's Notes are here, the July Meeting minutes 
           are here, Notice of the casual vacancy for the Spires Ward is here and the Police Speed Enforcement Report is here
NEW: 2017 08 08: Notice re the casual vacancy for a Parish Councillor to represent The Spires Ward may be found here.
NEW: 2017 08 08: Updates to the WI page are here.
NEW: 2017 08 07: With apologies for the lateness, uploaded the August edition of the Village Magazine. Read it here. I hope you enjoy it.
NEW: 2017 08 06: Woodcarving & Pyrography Newsletter (No 38) uploaded. Very interesting articles including more photos of the new Village sign. See here.
NEW: 2017 07 31: An update to Peter Norris' documentation re: the Cranbourne Gardens Broadband campaign has been uploaded. Go here.
NEW: 2017 07 23: Brief report and picture of the erection and unveiling of the new Village sign here. Wonderful. Thanks Terry!
NEW: 2017 08 19: Appeal for volunteers for the Summer Churchyard cleanup. See Poster here.
           2017 07 03: The NGS Open Day at Howbury Hall on 25th June attracted 191 visitors and raised £1395; £955 for the NGS and £440 for MacMillan
           2017 06 10:  Added NHS Retirement Fellowship under Leisure & Clubs/Indoor. It's open to all former employees of the NHS and their partners.
           2017 06 10: The deadline for comments on the 2035 Local Plan has passed. You may read the Parish Council's submission here.

So, you found us at last! Welcome to the Renhold Village website, recognised and supported by the Parish Council.

This site has been compiled by village volunteers, at no cost to the village, for the benefit of all. We hope you find it useful, informative and entertaining.

Links are provided for local news and facilities, village and other events of interest, village history, maps, policing and Neighbourhood Watch, village hall info, Post Office & stores, Church and Chapel Services and events and other local Faith organisations, clubs and other leisure activities, Parish Council proceedings and Borough Councillor reports, schools and pre-school arrangements, local charities, village campaigns, other local 'help' and volunteer groups, local businesses and services, etc. The Renhold Village Magazine is uploaded to provide an alternative to the paper copy and also to provide a back catalogue.

For those readers who are not aware, Renhold is a small village situated to the east of Bedford and about 40 miles (65 kilometres) north of London, UK. It is a very old village and is very spread out with lots of 'ends' (old word: hamlets). It has been substantially enlarged in the last 15 or so years by the addition of three new Estates (Cranbourne Gardens, Spires and Aspire) all of which face Bedford and are often thought of as part of the town.

As is the norm, the Village is governed by a hierarchy of 'Councils'. We have the Renhold Parish Council, Bedford Borough Council and at the top of the tree, the central government in London. Parts of Renhold are covered by no less than four Borough Councillors and by two MPs.

We hope you like our website offering. We do welcome constructive feedback and suggestions for new ideas. Contact Ian McIver, the webmaster, on renholdvillage@gmail.com

Enjoy your day exploring!