People power! Read the latest from the BCCG re the Putnoe Walk-in Centre here.
Receiving reports of a 'British Gas Refund' scam. DO NOT RESPOND - THERE IS NO REFUND and you'll likely have given your ID away!
The September issue of the Renhold Village Magazine is available on the Magazine Tab. Lots of info - please read through!
2018 08 30: Two new examples of work produced by the Stitchers Group can be seen here and here.
NEW: The Cranbourne Gardens Broadband story is here. Peter's latest update (31/7/18) is here and a Technical Note re BT Master Sockets is here.
Make a note! Fay at Williams Antiques is holding a Breast Cancer Tea Morning on Saturday 29th Sept. at their Colmworth location. Details here.
NEW: Added a link to the Bedford & District Audio News web page on the 'News' page, where you can listen to local news being read by volunteers.
New: Are you concerned about speeding in your area? Want to help do something about it? See Notice here!
NEW: The Renhold Parish Council Report for 2017/18 has been delivered to every property in the village and is also available here.
Are you aware of 'Transporting Bedford 2020' and what is being proposed in the name of 'improving' traffic flow in Bedford? See here!
BWA/Woodcarving Newsletter #42 here.
NEW: An important update re the 2035 Plan is here.
The St Albans Diocese has announced its Pilgrimage Programme for 2019/20. See the website here.
2018 04: The School has provided a full report and lots of photos regarding their recent Science Week. See it all here.
NEW: Renhold is honoured and delighted that Mr Julian Polhill has been appointed High Sheriff of Bedfordshire. Photos here!
YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE! Mr Richard Miller is raising money to provide a clean water borehole in Kenya! Read all about it (and more) here.
NEW: 450+ Responses to the 2035 Local Plan were delivered from Renhold to the Council on Wednesday 28th! Huge!!!
NEW: swingsters.co.uk are holding a series of Tea Dances at the Village Hall throughout the year. See poster here. Website here.
NEW: PC Charlotte Norris has replaced PC Kerry Jones as the Police Constable with responsibility for Renhold. See note here.
NEW: The Putnoe Medical Walk-in Centre has been reprieved until 30th Sept 2018. Read the details here.
NEW: A photo (taken by Tony Ploszajski) of our beautiful Parish Church in the December snow may be seen here.
2017 12 12: NUISANCE BIKERS on Norse Rd and adjoining industrial estates. Please see Police note here and consider completing the Survey here.
2017 11 30: A selection of the Flower Arrangements at the 2017 All Saints Flower Festival added under the 'Photos' tab.
2017 11 22: The Borough Council has launched a consultation about financing the cost of rocketing Health Care in the Borough. See here.
2017 10 27: Re-worked the 'Local Government' Tab. Renamed it 'Community' and included a new 'Volunteering' page.
2017 10 23: A note regarding receiving the Parish Council Newssheet by email is here.
NOTE: The full Mobile Library Timetable may be found here. There are some useful times/locations on Saturdays too!!!
INFO: The Parish Council report for 2016/17 is here.
NOTE:  A Bulletin re how, where and when one may view Planning Applications is available here.
2017 07 23: Brief report and picture of the erection and unveiling of the new Village sign here. Wonderful. Thanks Terry!
2017 06 10:  Added NHS Retirement Fellowship under Leisure & Clubs/Indoor. It's open to all former employees of the NHS and their partners.

Welcome to the Renhold Village website, recognised and supported by the Parish Council.

This site has been compiled by village volunteers, at no cost to the village, for the benefit of all. We hope you find it useful, informative and entertaining.

Links are provided for local news and facilities, village and other events of interest, village history, maps, policing and Neighbourhood Watch, village hall info, Post Office & stores, Church and Chapel Services and events and other local Faith organisations, clubs and other leisure activities, Parish Council proceedings and Borough Councillor reports, schools and pre-school arrangements, local charities, village campaigns, other local 'help' and volunteer groups, local businesses and services, etc. The Renhold Village Magazine is uploaded to provide an alternative to the paper copy and also to provide a back catalogue.

For those readers who are not aware, Renhold is a small village situated to the east of Bedford and about 40 miles (65 kilometres) north of London, UK. It is a very old village and is very spread out with lots of 'ends' (old word: hamlets). It has been substantially enlarged in the last 15 or so years by the addition of three new Estates (Cranbourne Gardens, Spires and Aspire) all of which face Bedford and are often thought of as part of the town.

As is the norm, the Village is governed by a hierarchy of 'Councils'. We have the Renhold Parish Council, Bedford Borough Council and at the top of the tree, the central government in London. Parts of Renhold are covered by no less than four Borough Councillors and by two MPs.

We hope you like our website offering. We do welcome constructive feedback and suggestions for new ideas. Contact Ian McIver, the webmaster, on renholdvillage@gmail.com

Enjoy your day exploring!