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Although (in these fast moving times) it's slightly out of date, I have uploaded the April 2020 edition of the Magazine. Go to the Magazine tab above.
Self-isolating? Can't get out? In the old part of the village, Nicky Gribble (nicky.gribble@icloud.com & 07955 530234) and, in Cranbourne Gardens,  I (ianmciver38@gmail.com & 07968 568057) can possibly help with arranging errands. We also have supplies of those "HELLO! If you are self-isolating, I can help." cards upon which you write your name & contact number and pop them through the letterbox of neighbours you think might need help. These cards avoid the need for personal contact but can give the isolated people the comfort that they are not completely abandoned! Contact us if you need help!
URGENT: We are once again needing to object to a re-submitted Planning application in Hookhams Lane. Please see the new renhold-pc.co.uk site!
Postponed - Anyone own a 3kW (or larger) generator and would lend it for the band at the V.E. Day Fayre on 10th May, please? Pls contact Parish Council.
Read about a great project recently undertaken by a member of the Renhold Stitchers - and other amazing creations here.
Postponed - On a happier note, see the Poster re the V.E. Day 'Expo' at Howbury Hall on 10th May here.
ALERT! Info about the East-West Rail link coming thru Ravensden & Renhold! See poster here. That means YOU!
The March issue of the Renhold Village magazine is now available on the Magazine tab above. Enjoy your read!
The February OPCC Newsletter - containing good news! - is available to read here.
URGENT: A late change: the W.I. speaker in February will be Martin Roberts subject: Gardening. Ruth Hogan will be our March speaker.
Read all about it! The February 2020 issue of the Renhold Village Magazine is here.
News of the Bedford Machine Knitting Club. See the website here.
January 13th sees the next Parish Council Meeting at 7:00pm in the Village Hall. A note from the Clerk is here, the Meeting Agenda is here, the draft minutes of the Dec Mtg are here and info about the Pavilion on the Aspire Estate is hereDo please come along and see your Parish Council in action!
Blunham Church are holding another Big Book Sale with refreshments and a raffle in aid of their Church Fabric funds on 22nd February. Poster here!
Delighted to announce that Anne Grant has been honoured with an MBE for services to Charity in Bedfordshire. Congratulations Anne - well deserved!
Here's a little fun thing to break up the tedium (tnx Rod Jones)
Christmas trees, decorations and battery recycling - see here.
The Bedfordshire Branch Woodworkers/Pyrography Club Christmas Newsletter is here!
The Dec 2019 & Jan 2020 issue of the Renhold Village Magazine may be read online here.
Aspire (Orbit) Estate - news of Bedford Town F.C. leasing the Fiona Way Pavilion to promote Youth Football in the Community. Poster here
4/12/19 Parish Council Meeting: Clerk's Note is here; Agenda is here; minutes of the 17/10 meeting are here & minutes of the 7/11 Extraordinary Meeting are here.
Following the P.C.'s unanimous decision to oppose the 3 development applications in the village, I have uploaded 20+ REVISED template objection letters. Please feel free to lift paragraphs and compose your own letter or use them as they are. DON'T DELAY, DO IT TODAY! See all 3 sets (14, 28 & 400) of objection letters here. Please remember to put your address, the date and your full name on the letters. Whatever else you do today, please send one objection per person for each of the 3 proposals. This is now very urgent!!! You may email your objection letters to planning@bedford.gov.uk
Re the 3 proposed developments in the Village: a further Clerk's Note is here, the Agenda for the Extraordinary Meeting on 7th Nov. is here and the draft P.C. responses to the BBC are here, here & hereBut above all please send in 3 letters of objection per person!
Amazing News! At last, a new Minister-in-Charge for All Saints Church, Renhold. See the announcement, pin-up and brief bio here.
Dear Residents: We have yet another attempt to wreck our Village with a huge development in Salph End. Please see here!
Now here's some very useful info re recycling: a 'flyer' here and a detailed guide here. Please take a look - Recycling DOES matter!
Parish Council Meeting dates for the rest of this year are available here.
Here is the Parish Council's position paper re the latest bid to build 400 new houses in Renhold
A Poster detailing the Consultation arrangements re the BBC Local Plan 2030 Amendments can be seen here.
The BWA Beds. Branch Newsletter No 49 is here.
The latest Newsletter from our Police Commissioner may be found here.
Town Centre and Health consultations. See BBC poster here.
A Notice about volunteering and fundraising for Marie Curie may be viewed here.
Proposed modifications to the 2030 Development Plan may be found here. Will it ever end?
The August 13th 2019 W.I. Activities report is here. 
A further warning about a man asking for money for petrol. See notice here.
Gentle Exercise Classes & Activities for the over-70s! Posters with locations & session timetables are here and here.
A missive today from our Parish Council Clerk is here. Includes P.C. Meeting dates, Electors' Meeting details, etc.
Unbelievably, yet more confusion & delays on the Cranbourne Gardens Super-Fast Broadband programme. Read Peter's update 10a here.
The June/July 2019 Newsletter from the PCC is available to read here
Cor er - another type of scam. Please read this and be warned!
What will they think of next? Another scam - this time hawkers selling cheap and out-of-date fish on the doorstep. See here.
4 more articles about theft and scams! Do please read them herehere, here and here and take care!
BBC has issued a draft update to the Statement of Community Involvement. Learn about it and your opportunity to comment here. 
The recent NGS 'Open Gardens' day at Howbury Hall raised a total of £645; £375 for NGS Nursing Charities & £270 to the Schools Readers Charity.
Peter Norris' latest update to the Cranbourne Broadband saga is available via the 'Community' tab above.
The June 2019 Newsletter from our Police & Crime Commissioner is here.
The May 2019 Newsletter from our Police & Crime Commissioner may be read here.
I just received a text msg saying my NatWest bank a/c (I don't have one!!) has been disabled for security reasons. This is a scam! Please don't respond!
Yet another scam warning! This one involves credit/refund due on TalkTalk accounts. Don't go there - it's a scam!!!
For info, news, reports and notices about Leisure & Club activities, please go to the 'Leisure & Clubs' tab above. Want your club on there? Mail me!
Another possible scam - this time a phone call about your loft insulation! See here.
A very fulsome Newsletter from our Police and Crime Commissioner may be perused here.
And now for something completely different - from the animal kingdom. Definitely NOT for the faint-hearted.  Violence, gore & more. Watch it here!
Another scam - a male is knocking doors and asking for money to buy fuel. Don't give him money or let him in your house. See Police note here.
The 2018-19 Renhold Village Parish Council Annual Report, which has been delivered to every property in the village, is here.
Here's an interesting item about how YOU can have YOUR SAY as to how the £20bn investment in the NHS should be spent.
The Alma Singers (ladies, light music) meet at 7:30 on Monday evenings at the Methodist Church Hall, Gt Barford. Poster here.
Another new Facebook page - North Bedfordshire Rural Community Policing. Shortcut here.
Colmworth & Neighbours History Society - see 2019 programme here.
The Little Book of Big Scams is a real gem sent in by Peter Norris. Read it here. Thank you Peter!
Did you know? . . . Take a look at this!
Beds Fire & Rescue Community Risk Management Plan 2019 - 2023 - see document here.
Op Chain - Car Park Surgery For Tradespeople. See details here.
For those unfortunate enough to travel between the Black Cat Roundabout and Caxton Gibbet, the statement here may be of some interest.
*** Yet another new listing! Stewartby Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society (SAODS) have their own slot here.
Table Tennis at the Church Lane Community Centre! See info here.
New Bridge Club! See info here
Find the Reports of the Renhold WI mtgs by clicking on the 'Leisure & Clubs' tab above and selecting 'Renhold WI'.
Radio around the world! Anyone interested in the huge number of broadcast radio stations available? Click this link - it's clean.
Recycling: Do it, because it matters! See BBC initiative here.
Please see the Community tab/Parish Council page for past Parish Council Notices & Minutes, etc.
An invitation to join the Phoenix Ladies Chorus and 'Sing into Spring'! See poster here.
See this Bulletin!
An appeal to support those most in need in the community living in fuel or food poverty. Poster here and article here.
Go to the 'Photos' tab to find ALL the 'Renhold Remembers' photos.
Wow! Terry has hand-carved a Remembrance Poppy and attached it to the Village Sign on the Green. See photo here!
MEMORY BEARS - I'd never heard of them but it seems they're big in other countries and are coming here! Fascinating! See here.
More scams. Please be careful. See letter here.
A note regarding receiving the Parish Council News sheet by email is here.
Receiving reports of a 'British Gas Refund' scam. DO NOT RESPOND - THERE IS NO REFUND and you'll likely have given your ID away!
Added a link to the Bedford & District Audio News web page on the 'News' page, where you can listen to local news being read by volunteers.
Two new examples of work produced by the Stitchers Group can be seen here and here.
Are you concerned about speeding in your area? Want to help do something about it? See Notice here!
Are you aware of 'Transporting Bedford 2020' and what is being proposed in the name of 'improving' traffic flow in Bedford? See here!
The St Albans Diocese has announced its Pilgrimage Programme for 2019/20. See the website here.
2018 04: The School has provided a full report and lots of photos regarding their recent Science Week. See it all here.
Renhold is honoured and delighted that Mr Julian Polhill has been appointed High Sheriff of Bedfordshire. Photos here!
A photo (taken by Tony Ploszajski) of our beautiful Parish Church in the December snow may be seen here.
2017 11 30: A selection of the Flower Arrangements at the 2017 All Saints Flower Festival added under the 'Photos' tab.
INFO: The Parish Council report for 2016/17 is here.
NOTE:  A Bulletin re how, where and when one may view Planning Applications is available here.
2017 07 23: Brief report and picture of the erection and unveiling of the new Village sign here. Wonderful. Thanks Terry!

Welcome to the Renhold Village website, recognised and supported by the Parish Council.

This site has been compiled by village volunteers, at no cost to the village, for the benefit of all. We hope you find it useful, informative and entertaining.

Links are provided for local news and facilities, village and other events of interest, village history, maps, policing and Neighbourhood Watch, village hall info, Post Office & stores, Church and Chapel Services and events and other local Faith organisations, clubs and other leisure activities, Parish Council proceedings and Borough Councillor reports, schools and pre-school arrangements, local charities, village campaigns, other local 'help' and volunteer groups, local businesses and services, etc. The Renhold Village Magazine is uploaded to provide an alternative to the paper copy and also to provide a back catalogue.

For those readers who are not aware, Renhold is a small village situated to the east of Bedford and about 40 miles (65 kilometres) north of London, UK. It is a very old village and is very spread out with lots of 'ends' (old word: hamlets). It has been substantially enlarged in the last 15 or so years by the addition of three new Estates (Cranbourne Gardens, Spires and Aspire) all of which face Bedford and are often thought of as part of the town.

As is the norm, the Village is governed by a hierarchy of 'Councils'. We have the Renhold Parish Council, Bedford Borough Council and at the top of the tree, the central government in London. Parts of Renhold are covered by no less than four Borough Councillors and by two MPs.

We hope you like our website offering. We do welcome constructive feedback and suggestions for new ideas. Contact Ian McIver, the webmaster, on renholdvillage@gmail.com

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