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Renhold is a rural village located just to the north and north-east of Bedford. The Parish Council is the first tier of local government.  This Parish Council website is here as a useful resource for residents and members of the public to find out more about what the Parish Council does.

If you have any comments or questions for the Parish Council then Lizzie Barnicoat, the Parish Clerk, would be the first point of contact. Contact details for the Parish Clerk are:  Lizzie Barnicoat, PO Box 1548, Bedford MK44 5AX. Telephone: (01234) 771702. email:

** For all matters relating to the production of the Renhold Neighbourhood Plan, please click here. **

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Latest News 

2021 09 01: The next full P.C. Meeting will take place at the Village Hall at 7:00pm on 1st Sept. 2021. All parishioners are warmly invited. See UPDATED Agenda here.
2021 04 27: The Renhold Map showing our best estimates of the EWR route alignments is here.
2021 04 09: The Parish Council's tribute to HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh may be seen here.
2021 04 04: Notice re Residents engagement in the next EW Rail Consultation here.
2021 02 12: Temporary Footbath/Bridleway closure behind Mark Rutherford School. Notice here and Map here
2021 01 13: Here is an invitation from Ms Kathryn Holloway, our Police & Crime Commissioner, for the African Caribbean community to engage in a conversation with her.
2020 12 28: All you need to know about Bins and Waste can be found here. Later Note:
2020 12 16: The Parish Council's objection to the 3-day event at Great Water Meadows in Oct 2021 may be seen here We lost this one.
2020 12 09: Read Bedford Borough Council's COVID advice here
2020 09 25: Lizzie's latest P.C. Newsletter may be seen here with the attachments here and here. OCTOBER 5th!!!
2020 09 16: Renhold P.C. responses to the Planning Applications considered at the 2020 09 09 Meeting may be viewed here.
2020 09 16: Message here re Covid-19 (Don't get complacent) and IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS getting tested within the Borough for free.
2020 09 16: The 2019/2020 Financial Year End documents are available here
2020 09 16: Notice from Highways re closures on the A421 between Renhold & Marsh Leys here & Diversion maps here.
2020 09 07: Great News! The Renhold Neighbourhood Plan's first hurdle - the Renhold Neighbourhood Area Designation - has been approved. See the formal notice here.
2020 09 07: An introductory letter, the formal guidelines and the Application Form & Checklist for Grant Funding from Renhold Parish Council have been uploaded. 
2020 09 05: The Neighbourhood Plan Initial Questionnaire document is coming soon! Please complete & return by 5th October latest.
2020 08 21: There are countless websites which can guide you to walks in the area. I particularly like this one!
2020 08 13: Read Lizzie's latest Newsletter here and the 4 attachments here, here, here, & here. Why not get this stuff directly from Lizzie? Email her and request!
2020 08 12: Bedford Borough Council Public Consultation – Possible Changes to the Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Register. See here.
2020 08 12: Last week the government announced change to the Planning System. You may wish to read & respond to these 3 documents: PC10, PC11 & PC12.
2020 08 12: The developers of the proposed '400' houses on Hookhams Ln have taken their rejected application to appeal (see Notice here). Please write by 11th September to support the BBC rejection!
2020 08 12: Green Bin collections will revert to fortnightly from 17th August but please check YOUR date here!
2020 08 11: More advice on the Covid-19 virus from the NHS & the Borough Council. Click here.
2020 08 11: Covid-19: Advice from Renhold Parish Council. Click here.
2020 07 31: The latest of Lizzie's very informative Newsletters may be read here.
Important Traffic Information! Diversions due to road work at the A1/A421 junction in July/August 2020. See info here.
Does your Community Group, Club, Project or Cause need Grant Funding? The P.C. has prepared this document to help you.
The draft minutes of the 26th June Virtual P.C. Meeting may be seen here.
The Bedfordshire Police & Crime Panel are looking to recruit 2 new independent members. Interested? Closing date 13th September. Read all about it here.
Not such good news - Note from Lizzie the Clerk re an appeal about the refused '14' development proposal going to Appeal. Please read and act!
Good news! The proposed '400' development has been comprehensively rejected by the BBC. Read the 36-page document here.
Have a problem and need help? Our Village Agent, Teresa Moon, can help you or get help to you! See article here.
Please see the urgent Covid-19 advice from the Borough Council here.

Please read this bulletin from the Borough Council re the Covid-19 virus threat in Bedford

The 2019/2020 Parish Council Annual Report is available here.

2020 05 14: Here is an important (but very formal!) document from Bedford Borough Council which, amongst other info and a comprehensive timetable, explains the need for us as a Village community to prepare at speed a Neighbourhood Plan which (once approved) will become a 'material consideration' that MUST be taken into account when the BBC responds to Planning Applications. Anyone interested in the future of Renhold should read this document and also contact the Parish Council to become involved in the process of prepariing a village Neighbourhood Plan. Read the document here.

2020 05 02: A letter from Bruno Peek, (Pageantmaster for the VE Day 75 Celebrations) may be found here. So sad we've had to cancel!

2020 04 11: Results from the average speed cameras in the Village may be found on this page.

The Parish Council's first response to the East West Rail Link presentations is here. An accompanying letter from Lizzie giving details of methods to make your own representations can be viewed here.

Self-isolating? Can't get out? In the old part of the village, Nicky Gribble ( & 01234 771994) and, in Cranbourne Gardens, I  ( & 07968 568057) can possibly help with arranging errands. We also have supplies of those "HELLO! If you are self-isolating, I can help." cards upon which you write your name & contact number and pop them through the letterbox of neighbours you think might need help. These cards avoid the need for personal contact but can give the isolated people the comfort that they are not completely abandoned! Contact us if you need help!

And there is also 'Good Neighbours' and Teresa Moon listed in the Village Magazine in the Directory (p31) should you need other help.

Urgent! A new Planning Application has been submitted for the demolition of No. 27 Hookhams Lane and the building of 13 new houses. The Parish Council's stance is that this is an unwanted development: it would ruin the centre of our village, contribute to the coalescence of Renhold and Bedford and pose a major safety hazard with the exit on to Hookhams Lane. 

As this is a NEW application, we need to object all over again. If you agree with the Parish Council and wish to make an objection, please read on. 

Draft letters are available here. Take a look, download one which strikes a chord with your feelings (or write one yourself), add your address, the date and your full name and URGENTLY email it to or post it to Planning Services, Borough Hall, Cauldwell St, Bedford MK42 9AP

Please see other Parish Council News here. You may also read other Village news on different (non-Parish Council) websites here and here.

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