"We are on a personal mission.. To help fund every classroom in our local area who is in need of financial assistance. We understand the sacrifices our local teachers make for their students and education. We understand not every school is funded the same and our team is well aware of California's budget cuts that affect each and every one of our schools. This program directly funds classrooms near our School Bus Bins, everything collected from these bins will help aid a school or classroom nearby. If you are a teacher or school administrator and would like to signup your school or classroom please call us, we are eager to help in any way we can!"

Renew Crew California is a local for-profit recycler of unwanted clothing and shoes. We collect and sell these unwanted items for the benefit of our local community. We help organize and fund classroom and teachers nearby our school bus bins. We work with local schools and community groups to divert used clothing and textiles out of our landfills and into clothing drives that help earn much needed funds for participating schools and local groups like yourself. All of the clothing Renew Crew collects is destined for reuse or recycle here in the US and around the world.


Visit www.renewcrewcalifornia.com 

Renew Crew provides the support and infrastructure that allows your school to hold clothing drives. For on-going fundraisers we will place a large bin for collections at your school. For individual clothing drives, collection bags will be given to each school. When the drive is over or your donation bins are full, Renew Crew will come to the school, count the bags, and pay the school for everything collected. It’s that simple.

(To request your donation bin and start earning every month, call us at 1(800)530-5096)


 Renew Crew of California
Community Based Recycling & Fundraising For Our State's Schools

1.      Renew Crew will appoint a school liaison representative (SLR) to work with your school directly

2.       Your school then appoints a clothing drive coordinator (CDC) who will be the contact person for the school. This can be a student council member, teacher, parent, sports team member, etc.

3.      Renew Crew will drop off the collection bags to the appointed “clothing drive coordinator”. The bags are folded with a brochure stapled to each bag. The brochure explains which items can be donated and which items cannot be donated.

4.      The “clothing drive coordinator” promotes the clothing drive within the school and distributes a bag to each student or patron to take home and fill.

5.      The school designates an area in the school such as in the library or gym where filled bags         can be returned to by students, parents or patrons.

6.      The Clothing Drive Coordinator will contact their Renew Crew Liaison when they want the bags picked up.

7.      Renew Crew will come to the school, count the bags, give a receipt to the CDC and take the bags away.

8.        Renew Crew will present a check to the school within seven days of picking up the bags.