FEED was featured as part of the UCLA student involvement in the "Green Report Card". Check it out here: http://www.greenreportcard.org/report-card-2010/schools/university-of-california-los-angeles/surveys/student-survey 


This past weekend, four FEED members attended the RETECH2009 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our group was specially invited by the American Council On Renewable Energy [www.acore.org], a group based in Washington, D.C., to represent UCLA as an institution of HIgher Education with significant renewable energy activities.


On Friday, FEED hosted an electric bicycle start-up, WiseBike, on campus to exhibit new bicycle technologies. Students on Bruinwalk were able to learn about bicycle options for transportation and test drive three electric scooter and bicycle models.


Starting to plan for our first Annual Green Jobs Career Fair. We have partnered up with E3 and NetImpact to bring the best career fair possible to UCLA students. Website design for the Career Fair has been allocated to FEED, while logistics (including food, parking, etc) will be handled by other groups.


Our Winter 2009 Journal has been decided to cover Battery Technologies. We plan to release our journal in late January/early February.    


Today three of our members presented at the E3 (Ecology Economy and Equity) meeting. Members from the E3 club were very excited to see our completed journal and provided several good ideas. For example, we have started to compile a Mailing List to send monthly FEED Newsletters to our members. This will ensure that members stay informed and update throughout the year, especially during the summer.


The event "Renewable Energy 101" was a great success. We had over 50 students attend the conference and five amazing speakers on a wide range of topics. A message that seemed to resonate through all the speakers was that the energy industry is the largest market and will continue to drastically increase. Pictures are available here and video clips will be posted soon...


Dr. Cynthia Howell, the Educations Programs Manager for NREL, has said that our first publication “looks great” and would like to help for future issues. She suggested that we should work with high schools to motivate younger students to enter the renewable energy field. We believe this could be a great avenue to explore and we hope to work with high schools next year.


FEED will host a event on May 20th in Rieber Fireside Lounge called "Renewable Energy 101".


After many weeks of hard work, FEED members have published their first energy journal focusing on solar power. 


Dr. Yang Yang of the UCLA Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering has committed to help FEED. Dr. Yang is a distinguished researcher and has group has achieved the highest efficiency (4.4%) for plastic solar cells.



Jeffrey Hall is the facilities manager for UCLA Housing. According to Jeff, about 400 gallons of used cooking oil is disposed of each month. FEED has taken the initiative to convert this waste vegetable oil into biodiesel. The biodiesel will be used by the UCLA Transportation Fleet Services.



FEED is a part of the UCLA School of Engineering Student Organizations. Check us out at http://www.engineer.ucla.edu/academics/organization.html 


Dr. Ahmad Pesaran from NREL is on our editorial board for the Journal.



Jerry Tuskan from ORNL will be helping us with future Journal issues. 




FEED is a registered UCLA student group. Check it out HERE.


An article was written about FEED in the DailyBruin, a UCLA campus newspaper. The article was on the front page and titled, "Campus Group Studies Sustainable Energy." You can read the article here.


We had our first meeting of Winter quarter 2008. The meeting was located in Covel Commons, 229. Refer to Meetings section for more information. Our guest speaker was Matthew Allen, a researcher in Professor Yang's Lab.


We had a tele-conference with Dr. Bertrand Vick from Aurora Biofuels. He is the Chief Scientific Officer. He is working to develop Aurora's proprietary technology which uses algae to make biofuels. He expects large scale production to develop in coming years.


FEED is proud to announce the joining of faculty advisor and Professor James C. Liao. In the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Professor Liao has published a recent article in Nature on the production of more efficient biofuels using E. coli. He will be a great resource in FEED's goals of renewable energy education.


Maurice and Igor talked to Al Darzins, Ph.D. From NREL. He is the Applied Biology Group Manager and acting Research Supervisor. He works in improving the production of ethanol from feedstocks.


We had a meeting with Dr. John Ziagos from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He is the Deputy head of LLNL’s Atmospheric, Earth and Energy Department and a leader in energy analysis. He has come out with an energy policy for our future.

Industry News


Chevron and NREL will collaborate on research to produce transportation fuels using algae. The joint effort will hopefully identify, develop, and improve algal strains for feedstock conversion into next-generation biofuels.


BP selects UC Berkeley to lead $500 million energy research consortium with partners Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, University of Illinois. The new organization will be called the Energy Biosciences Institute.