Our World

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Third Grade SS and Science

Character Matters

My Community 

Bones Skeleton

Sun, Moon, Stars 




Just for You!

Internet Safety

Around town

About bones

Earth, Moon and Sun

 US Atlas

Life Cycle   of Plants

National Geographic News

 If you were president



Day and Night


Invading plants

Just Ask!


Swain County Info

Go on a dig!

Name bones!


Tonight's sky!



Geography Games

News For You!


Learn more here

Learn about bones


For Kids



Weekly Reader


Learn your directions

Learn your bones!


Watch an eclipse!


Videos and Pictures

Virtual Coackroach


Make a city

Skeleton puzzles

About the  moon

 Read a Map


Make a wacky   tale!


About consumers

Yucky Things


Features of moon

Moon Phases

 Map Fun

Walk in the woods!



Types of communities

Pick English Then "skeleton"

Phases of the moon


Plants in biome.


Beat the Bully

Build a Sod House

Virtual Owl Pellets


 Work your way down


Magic School Bus Games


Fourth Grade SS and Science Activities

Rocks and Minerals

Electricty/ Magnetism



Civil War

Civil Rights

Learn about minerals.

Circuit Game

Saving energy

Make your own healthy eating circle graph

Making Paper 

Paper Bag History

Plastic Bag History



Fun Facts!!!

Read about the Underground Railroad

View a slide show!

Watch the speech!

Play a mine game about minerals

Electricity Safety

Find your bmi

Food pryamid  game

Video      Article

Newsletter Article

Paper or Plastic


Plastic? PaperVsPlastic

Videos paper or plastic

The language of quilts!



Read about each word to see how to identify minerals.

Tons of activities to try!

What is a portion?

Learn more!

Learn about our planet

Play recycling games here.

Make a secret quilt message!

Write a letter

Learn about ML!

Mineral quiz game!

Investigate magnetism

Food pyramid

Choose each link to discover more.

Underground Railroad Language

What do you know?

Test some rocks online!

Use the forward arrow to see it all!

Build your insides!

Learn about our environment.

Kids page!

Music of Slaves

Sit ins were held.

Rock hounds show how it works!

Game for electricity

Digestion organs

Kids planet!

Read each mission.

Follow the drinking gourd.

Can you solve the mystery?!

Rock cycle diagram

Try each square to learn more!

Food digestion!

From Canada



Read, choose LETS WATCH for each one.

What do you know?

Steps of digestion

Try these games!

 A Game

Recycle Guys

Take the quiz!

 No Free Refills

Click on each  eyewitness.


Read and then do each part on each page and then do test at end

All about atoms

Can you pass the test?!

Choose each part to see how it works

Just rubbish!

Care for Earth

Take a railroad trip!


Watch some rocks form!

Match terms to definitions!

Try the quiz

Clean up your world game.

Secrets, anyone?!


Now take the test. Print it when you are  done!

Look to the future!

Help Lenny eat

Recycle City

Interactive Railroad


 Winter Wonderland Movies