I enjoy photography. I do not have professional equipment, but I try my best with the equipment that I have. I own an entry level DSLR with a couple of kit lenses.

My introduction to photography was in college, way back when we shot film and that film would be developed in a darkroom. Photography was a different beast back then, but I loved it! I enjoyed working with large format field cameras. I enjoyed working in the studio. My favorite part was developing prints in the dark room and trying new developing techniques. It was exciting to see how the final prints would come out. Photography was a lot more expensive back then, so I am grateful for modern technology.

Today my "dark room" is Adobe Photoshop. I use it for digital scrapbooking. Even though I have access to Photoshop, I try to get the original photo properly exposed and as sharp as possible. The photos below were shot in .jpg and are all unedited, straight from the camera. I have just begun to learn to shoot in RAW format.