Welcome to my little place on the world wide web.  I am a wife first, a mom second, and third, I am a creative and teach mixed media art classes.  I have a passion for the creative arts.  Art is soulful.  Art is rejuvenating.  Through art, I find peace.  Through health and fitness, I find the strength necessary to create.

During my college years, I studied Commercial Art and Photography.  I worked as a layout artist at a small newspaper before becoming a Computer Based Training developer at The Boeing Company.  As a CBT artist, I created art, both in 2D and in 3D, and assembled and integrated the code to become a complete training package.  I worked on Flight Training and Pilot Training CBT courses for the 737, 747, 757, 777 and F-22.  Later, I worked as a 3D Artist for both the Flight Sim and Combat Flight Sim software packages that were produced by Microsoft.  I LOVED being a creative in the corporate world, but after the birth of my children, it became clear to me that my purpose was to raise my children while they were young.

Today, now that my children are older, I am finding more time to, once again, explore my creativity through art, photography and screenprinting.  I opened a brick and mortar art studio so I could teach classes locally.  I am also working toward better health and fitness.  I'm not sure where my journey will take me, but I will continue to enjoy each moment as they come.  It is my hope that my journey will inspire creativity in those who seek a creative outlet of their own.  In addition, I pray that my return to health is an inspiration to others.

This website is dedicated to everything that makes me "me."  It includes links to what I love and enjoy.  It include links to places and spaces that I hope to develop and grow.  If you find an incomplete link, that would represent an area where I hope to grow and expand my portfolio or my business.

After being a wife and mom, first and foremost, I am an artist.  I love art.  I love to teach art.  Admittedly, I am not great about documenting photos of my art - and I hope to do better with this here on this website.

I truly enjoy photography.  I enjoy most everything about it - taking photos, playing in Photoshop, creating scrapbook pages (both traditional paper and digital scrapbooking).  I continue to strive to improve my skills.  I have a lot to learn, especially in regards to digital photography.  I was trained using old film cameras, and making adjustments to photographs by changing paper types or using unique techniques in an old fashioned darkroom.

You can see some of my photographs by visiting www.reneeclark.smugmug.com.

Smugmug is the also website that I use to create private photo albums when I take photos for others.  If I have given you a link to a private album of photos, this is the website where those photos will be stored.

I have the equipment to operate a screenprinting business.  It is a dream of mine to also teach screenprinting.  What I currently lack is space.  I do not have a studio where I can teach this, but it is something I am definitely working toward.

I enjoy writing.  I have a hodge podge of written works scattered in different locations - in composition books, on old computers, on my phone, etc.  I have a few blogs dedicated to a variety of different subjects.  I will link many of these writings as I find the time.

My health and fitness tab is pretty self explanatory.  Having been born with a congenital heart condition, having both Graves Disease and Hashimotos Disease (opposing autoimmune disorders) and being a three-time congestive heart failure survivor, health and fitness has become a priority to me.  I'm not perfect at it by any means, and I often fall off the wagon.  I just need to remind myself to get back up when I do.

I am a momma of two boys with very high functioning Autism.  Special needs kiddos have my heart.  I have learned a lot over the years.  This tab is where I hope to pull many resources together for other families faced with the unique challenges of raising a child with autism.