MICROGRAPHICA takes Renée French's Ignatz award nominated online
strip of the same name and turns it way up. A mob of tiny rodents live la vida loca, led by the trash-talking bully Moe, and his trash-talking sidekick Preston. Add in Nubbins, the big guy; poor, sweet crapball-lovin' Aldo; and a rotting corpse turned playground, and you'll never find a more moving affirmation of traditional values.  Inspired by a bald bird sighting the author had on Hunter's Hill in Sydney, Australia, this book is pure weirdness — just what Renée French fans dream of. With guest drawings by Jim Woodring, Penn Jillette, Dean Cameron, Dylan Williams, James Gunn and more.

-- $10.00 (US), 208 pages, 4 1/2" x 5", Graphic Novel w/French Flaps,
Color Cover, Black & White Interiors, ISBN 978-1-891830-93-8 

 "Nobody can touch Renee French for sweet fiendishness."
       —Jim Woodring

"Renee has long been one of my favorite artists and she doesn't disappoint
in her latest work.  Tiny creatures in tiny drawings with lots of crapballs
makes this another freakish delight that also winds up being strangely

      —Jenna Fischer (Pam on NBC's The Office)

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