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Renaissance Club of North Tonawanda, New York
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The purpose of our club, established in 1973, is to promote the cultural heritage of
Italian-Americans and to be a civic-minded organization within the City of North Tonawanda, New York.

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Spaghetti Dinners Are Back!

The Renaissance Club has re-opened for business!

Hours are Wednesday, 5pm-9pm, 

Friday, 5pm -10pm and Saturday, 3pm -10pm. 

We will expect any members that visit the Club to respect and comply with the regulations put into place by our board of directors regarding social distancing and mask wearing. These rules are meant to ensure the safety and health of our staff and our members. 

We have several regulations that must be followed per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, New York State, the State Liquor Authority, and the Niagara County Health Department. All are listed below and must be followed 100% by everyone in the building at all times. It only takes ONE offense for the Club to get shut down and incur massive fines and possibly suffer permanent closure. As you may be aware, several establishments in Erie and Niagara County have already been fined or shut down by the SLA already. We ask for your total compliance and to help police any potential offenses by another member. It takes only one person to ruin it for everyone.

The list that must be followed is subject to New York State regulations and Renaissance Club elected officials guidance.

1. Club business hours will be Fridays 5pm to 10pm and Saturdays from 3pm to 10pm only. Hours are subject to change as we evaluate the re-opening.

2. Anyone entering the Club must have a face mask. Masks must be worn at ALL times unless seated. Your face mask must be on your person even when seated (in your pocket, around your neck, etc.) If you are getting up to use the facilities you need a mask on. Simply put, if you're standing up, you must be wearing a mask, if you're sitting, you are free to remove your mask.

3. The maximum capacity in the Club's lounge is 25 people (or 50% of capacity). If that room meets it's capacity, members must use overflow areas outside or in meeting room.

4. Hand sanitizer stations will be available and MUST be used by everyone entering and exiting the Club.

5. All bar stools will be spaced the appropriate distance apart. The stools must stay in the same spot. They cannot be removed regardless of who you entered the Club with.

6. Tables in the lounge and meeting room are spaced apart appropriately. You can mingle and sit together at tables at your own discretion as if you were dining out with friends or family.

7. All members must sign in upon entering the Club. We need to have a record of who was in our building and at what time.

8. Only ONE guest per member at this time. That guest must be signed in with the member they entered with.

9. No shuffleboard or darts are allowed at this time.

10. The kitchen is closed until further notice. No bar food will be available for now.

11. No parties or hall rentals at this time. We are evaluating information as to when and how we may resume rentals.

In addition, we are planning on opening this Sunday, September 13 for the football game. Again, there will be a maximum capacity of 25 people in the lounge. There will be additional TV's and tables available in the meeting room. Food may be brought in for the game, but can only be shared by your immediate party at your table. Food cannot be shared with everyone as it has been in the past (buffet style).

Please remember that it takes only one person to permanently ruin the Club opening for everyone. These temporary rules have been put in place to ensure the safety of all. They are not difficult rules to follow. Anyone found to be in violation of ANY of the above stated rules may be asked to leave and their actions may be reviewed by the board of directors. Suspension or termination of their membership will be a consideration if the rules cannot be followed.

Please remember that if you feel sick or under the weather, please stay home

Renaissance Club Fundraiser 

Face Masks  Cost: $8.00    

Ren Club Face Masks may be ordered by contacting mjmurphy@renclub.org.  There is also a signup sheet at the Club.  

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~~ Memories ~~

Recently found in Joe Jaccarino's file cabinet by his son Tom
Thanks Keith Miranto 

Our first published Giornale Piccolo - May-June 1975
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