Welcome to the site RémiGami ! 
This site gathers my creations and my work in different skills. I realize both of origami, kirigami ,papercraft, jewelry, some videos and all the layout and the weekly update of this site. You will get more information about each art on their dedicated page.

I wish you a good read, hopefully informative and fun !

I discovered origami through my maternal grandmother. Traveling extensively, she one day brought a folding guide and paper coming from Eastern Asia. I was then eight years but it had already pleased me !
My paternal grandmother is, her, illustrator. She holds a drawing workshop at a bookstore. One day, a student has made an introduction to kirigami. I participated and I practice this art since then in 2011.
So I could only thank my two grandmothers without whom this site wouldn't exist.

I discovered papercraft by myself and I found the concept paper jewelry at the "Braderie de Lille" 2012.

So for the small history ... :)

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