Oldie’s Secret or Design by Evolution (Poem)

Challanges of 21st Century






Oldie’s Secret or Design by Evolution

by Remigius de Souza


If any talk of Oldie comes, ‘I’ quits.

This Person is pretty slow in our times.

Now see! How long did Oldie take

to design Homo sapiens, who is thriving on

the fruit of wisdom from Garden of Eden?

Now we are living sure fast life.

Instant food. Instant image. Instant Dolly.

Inflated ego. Inflated market. Inflated houses,

Such as, London – New York – Tokyo – Singapore,

taking farther the metropolitan culture,

taking over from the British Isles, turning faster

the Garden of Gaia, than ever before,

into a perpetual desert to last forever.

Cleverly we build ‘Ark of Genes’ to prepare

for man-made catastrophe, while we continue

to destroy ugly Oldie’s ugly designs.

Thoughtful or crazy Oldie the designer

be to evolve our nose and ears in pair

To carry our proud spectacles, and eyeballs

to wear contact lenses. But Oldie’s secret

and tantrum remain elusive to our vision. 




Oldie’s Secret or Design by Evolution : Darwinism or Evolutionism or Judeo-Christian Creationism: why worry? We – the humans – are just speck in haystack: Just be Happy. It’s high time, though civilisation hasn’t progressed much in 5000 years, to wonder at and Love the Life!